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financially sound landscaping company

Within the landscape industry, not all companies are created equal. And there are quite a few reasons why property owners and managers should care. Working with a sizable, reputable, and financially sound landscaping company can reap benefits and protect you. 

Here are seven reasons why:


Cost savings

Companies that can purchase large quantities of products and pay on time or earlier can lead to discounts and cost savings from the supplier, which enables your landscape company to pass those savings on to you through better pricing.

Quality of materials

A financially sound landscaping company can have strong relationships with its vendors and material suppliers, resulting in a higher quality product installed at your property. For example, there are only so many flowers at just the right bloom size for planting during flower season, and the supplier’s larger, stable companies tend to get the first pick.

Quality labor pool

Financially sound companies are more equipped to provide better benefits to their employees. Insurance is costly, as we all know, and larger groups receive more competitive rates. When the increases come upon renewal, they are more likely to fund that increase, which is very attractive to employees. That means you will have safer, more productive individuals on your property. 

Design capability

A larger, more financially sound landscaping company has the funds to invest in designers, sometimes even a design department. This is a cost-effective option for property owners because you don’t have to pay two different companies to do the design, and then the installation with work scope sometimes overlaps.

Another benefit is that the design and execution are carried out by the same team so that the vision will stay intact. A talented design team will result in a more attractive property for tenants.

Compliance and risk exposure

Many laws and regulations need to be followed in our industry.

A larger, stable, financially sound landscaping company will have staff responsible for keeping the company compliant. This relates to insurance, bonding, immigration laws, and various other federal, state, and local regulations. 


You want a financially sound landscaping company that will be around after work is complete on your property. Small or financially unstable companies come and go very quickly. If you have warranty issues that arise, a good strong company will fix your issues.

Property and business solutions

Financially sound companies have good banking relationships. They tend to be well-networked within the cities and towns in which they operate. Of course, a good landscaping company can help you solve many exterior related issues with your property. But it just may turn out that you will also have a long-term business partner that has a network of individuals that can help you in many ways.

Here at HighGrove Partners in Atlanta, we take great pride in being a financially sound landscaping company. If your property needs a landscaping partner like that, we welcome your call (678) 298-0550. Or fill out our handy contact form.




Last modified: December 31, 2020