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congressThis post was written by HighGrove CEO, Jim McCutcheon.

I am so sick of hearing about the “Sequester”.  What we are seeing is a “Sequestration” of Leadership.

I am not writing this to debate either side.  As most intelligent and informed people, I certainly have my opinions about the debate but that is not my purpose for this writing. 

We have spent so much time focusing on the “poor economy”, “Obamacare”, “Sequestration”, “Watergate” (Rubio), etc. that we are losing sight of a critical axiom of building a business – you still make the call as to how you are going to lead your company

Yes, you may need to make some tough calls as to how you are going to successfully overcome the obstacles in front of you.  Sometimes, it means you must make difficult decisions.

Every company needs to have a leader that is willing to be unpopular at times.  That willingness means you have the courage to make tough calls that will lead to better times for all members of the team.  If your focus is on being liked all the time, you can’t succeed

Setting a strong vision for your company and motivating your team to drive the mission to achieve this every day means that you sometimes have to say no.  This mentality engrained in the leader will forge a strong company and it will mean that most decisions will be easy. 

Have the courage to be a strong leader who is willing to be unpopular at times.  Your team will thank you for it. 

I certainly wish a few people in DC would think this way…


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