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Building VAlue

Our Culture at HighGrove

HighGrove has developed a culture that values passion, vision, integrity and fun. Our people love what they do and being a part of this team. We have many team members that have been with the company for over 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years. Even more exciting, we have 14 team members that are second generation employees and joined the team to work with their mother, father, son or daughter.

A Message From Our CEO:

"I often say that one of my chief responsibilities is to protect and nurture the culture of our company. Part of the way I do this is by setting the Vision, Values and Principles that we operate and live by each day. These drive our decisions whether they relate to products and services we offer our clients or the way we hire, train and treat our valued team members."
- Jim McCutcheon

There are several ways in which HighGrove builds value for Clients as well as its Team Members.

Building Value for Clients

We have grown our business to include programs/events for our client’s benefits such as creating a Customer Advisory Council and becoming a State of Georgia Certified Real Estate School which allows us to provide educational seminars so our clients can earn continuing education credits. Our daily focus is to grow the value or our client’s assets but we also want to provide opportunities for the individuals we provide services for to grow their knowledge and network. We build strong, loyal relationships with our clients and we are constantly improving with their feedback. The evidence of this is our high client retention rate.


We are driven every day to provide greater value for our clients. Whether that be in the services we provide, the price we produce them at, the risk we reduce, or the vision we create with them. We are constantly listening and experimenting to find the best solution for each individual client.

Building Value for Team Members

HighGrove’s most important asset is its employees. Town Hall meetings are held regularly to give updates on company, client and industry issues. An annual 3-day retreat is held for employees to share ideas in a setting outside the office. Our Community Service arm, HighHopes, was created to coordinate opportunities for employees and the company to give back to the community which we do several times per year.

High Hopes

HighGrove is not your typical landscape company – for that matter, we are not a typical company in general. We have built a company that strives every day to be a leader and not a follower.


Our goal is to find people that will excel in our culture and not be afraid to risk, even if it means we fail along the path to excellence. We are a learning environment and love to challenge the status quo.


At HighGrove, we work hard and play hard!

Guiding Principles

  1. Entrepreneurial Spirit
  2. Sound Business Thinking
  3. Learning Environment
  4. Think and Dream Bigger
  5. Innovation
  6. Build Value
  7. Develop People
  8. Continuous Improvement
  9. Value and Be Disciplined With Information

Green Industry Involvement

The Green Industry is an important focus of HighGrove. We are actively involved locally and nationally in an effort to improve our knowledge and skills and to help shape the direction, education and products to ensure we maintain a growing and thriving industry.

Leadership in our industry is also an important part of our focus as a company. This focus allows us to learn from some of the best and brightest companies around the country and to be one of those leaders as well. We are involved in many groups, committees and events.


Our involvement is both at the local and national level. We are regular contributors at the national conference through presentations and facilitation. Our contribution also extends to the education of future industry leaders. We work directly with a number of Horticulture, Landscape Architecture and Landscape Contracting Programs around the country. In addition, HighGrove has also endowed a scholarship through the Academic Excellence Foundation.


The Green Industry, just as any other, is affected by local and national events and trends. Our leadership and participation with these groups will grow as we build and adapt our company for the future.

Exciting career opportunities

As HighGrove continues to grow and play a leading role in the green industry, we recognize that our greatest challenge is finding great people. Our team members are our most vital asset and we strive to retain and develop them to their fullest potential. If you’re interested in an exciting career in the green industry, we hope you consider HighGrove.

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