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Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Maintaining beautiful landscapes for Atlanta’s premier properties.

Let HighGrove take care of it for you!

We provide complete landscape maintenance services to commercial properties throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Our Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Commercial Property Segments Served


We have been performing great work for clients in the commercial office market for more than 30 years. Whether those clients’ properties are among Atlanta’s highest-profile office campuses or small, single-tenant locations, the HighGrove team understands their needs.


Through our extensive list of commercial landscape maintenance services, we can help you reduce costs and build value for your office property assets. Whether your goal is to renovate property to position for a sale or to develop a long-term plan to build occupancy, we know how to help.


Our prestigious list of commercial landscape maintenance clients includes some of Atlanta’s top properties and property management companies. We’re honored to be part of keeping Atlanta beautiful!


Retail has always been an important sector of the Atlanta real estate market. We have helped to design, build and maintain some of Atlanta’s best and most innovative properties.


These properties also suffer more daily traffic and everyday “wear and tear” than most other commercial properties. Thanks to our years of experience working with these properties, HighGrove is uniquely suited to provide a range of commercial landscape maintenance services.


We understand the challenges these high-traffic properties and their property managers must deal with each day. Our commercial landscape maintenance team can help you to build asset value while keeping your properties beautiful!


Even commercial properties that don’t see a lot of consumer visitors and other passersby deserve beautiful landscaping — and that landscaping deserves to be well maintained and healthy!


Industrial properties’ unique uses and our clients’ unique needs require a tailored approach to commercial landscape maintenance services. In addition to providing exceptional landscape services, we also work to be an additional set of eyes on the properties.


We understand the management challenges of having a number of large properties scattered throughout the city. Our team will work with your budget to make sure that your investment is managed wisely.


Homeowners associations represent a sizable portion of our more than 650 commercial landscape maintenance clients. Property managers and boards of directors are presented with a unique set of challenges each day — and we have an intimate understanding of those challenges.


In our commercial landscape maintenance services for HOAs, we work to turn these challenges into opportunities, so you can grow your property’s value and the job of managing your property is easier.


Every property is different and we work with our clients to customize commercial landscape maintenance solutions to meet their needs.



Multi-family properties are complex operations with a lot of moving parts.


And because HighGrove got its start serving multi-family properties, we understand the ins and outs of these operations — as well as the need to make every dollar used on every property go further.


HighGrove’s professionals work with your property management team to create a customized solution that helps to keep occupancy and resident satisfaction high.


We offer a variety of commercial landscape maintenance services to our multi-family property clients.


This broad sector of properties includes churches, hospitals, country clubs, colleges and government branches. Of the many Atlanta commercial properties we’ve been proud to service for a decade or more, a large number of them are institutional facilities.


The key to our longevity: developing strong relationships, evolving with our clients’ changing needs and helping them to continue to grow the value of the commercial properties they own, manage and occupy.


We provide landscape design and installation services, commercial landscape maintenance services and water management services for these institutional facilities to ensure they’re running at peak performance at all times.


Headquartered in Austell with offices in Alpharetta, Stone Mountain, and Canton, HighGrove serves commercial properties throughout the entire Atlanta metropolitan area. For more information about our commercial landscape maintenance services or to schedule a consultation, fill out our simple web form or visit our Contact Us page for more contact details.