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Water Management Programs

HighGrove is committed to helping our customers be good stewards of the environment. A strong water management program in Atlanta is essential to maintaining a healthy landscape, particularly during drought and watering restrictions.


Take Control of Your Water Bill

Our suite of cost-effective water management solutions helps you save 20 percent to 40 percent of your water use to maximize your water efficiency.  Invest in improving your irrigation system, and you’ll be surprised how quickly it will pay for itself in water cost savings.

Save Up to 40% of Your Water Bill

Smart Irrigation & Site Management

Comprehensive Water Management provides beauty, savings & service to all stakeholders.

Clients, owners and tenants will enjoy beautiful landscapes, reduced water costs, fewer expenses, greater service transparency and better equipment.

Property managers will enjoy better service, better landscape results and better system performance.

How do we do it?

State-of-the-art equipment, 24/7 monitoring and weather-based programming creates healthier, more beautiful landscapes with controllers that are set for site-specific sprinkler, plant & soil types, and adjust daily for precise plant needs.


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healthier, more beautiful landscapes with controllers that are set for site
specific sprinkler, plant & soil types, and adjust daily for precise plant needs.

Save Water – 24/7 weather and system monitoring eliminates water waste. Our systems save an average of 38% and are EPA WaterSense Certified.


Save Money – Protect plants and structures from damage resulting from over/ under watering, reduce liability and avoid fines from watering violations.


Protect People – Avoid liability hazards like icy walkways & roads, dead trees, broken concrete and other structural damage.


System Visibility & Analysis – Asset mapping, verified inspections, repairs, detailed reports that track system performance provide valuable data.


24/7 Remote Access & Alert Monitoring – Instant notification of issues like stuck valve solenoids, power outages, shorts, breaks and more.


Social Responsibility – Conservation of resources and beautiful landscapes contribute to a more vibrant local economy and global sustainability.


Comprehensive Warranty – No future costs if something goes wrong.


Our Water Management Services

Water conservation surveys: We will analyze your current water consumption and evaluate your irrigation zones, pressure, heads, clocks and coverage areas. From our analysis, we will advise you on how to improve your system for the greatest water efficiency. We will identify any areas on your property where there are spray heads that can be turned off or zones that may be upgraded for more effective water use.

Irrigation system renovation: Based on the water conservation survey of your property, we will determine the improvements that need to be implemented to help build a sustainable irrigation program. Our program provides the flexibility to phase in modifications over several years or overhaul your system in various ways — we’ll offer your Atlanta commercial property various to achieve your goals, keep you on budget and provide a strong Return on Investment.

Headquartered in Austell, but with offices in Alpharetta, Stone Mountain, and Canton, HighGrove serves commercial properties throughout the entire Atlanta metropolitan area. For more information about our commercial landscape maintenance services, schedule a consultation, fill out our simple web form, or visit our Contact Us page for more contact details.