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atlanta commercial landscape lightingWhen the sun is shining and the day is bright, your commercial landscape is at its visible best. Company signage is polished and noticeable. Turf vistas and hills are trimmed and green. From every patio stone to each parking space to outdoor seating areas, pathways are visible and clean—trash or debris is cleaned up, and nothing is blocking each visitor’s or employee’s passage through the site. When daytime hours cast their light on commercial properties, no landscape flaw can hide, so every inch of the space must look its absolute best.

But what happens when the sun goes down? Are visitors to your commercial property lost in the dark? Can they see your signage at night? Can they locate your property?

Well-designed and professionally installed landscape lighting can give your property the security and safety your employees and visitors deserve during dark or off-hours. And, the bonus: landscape lighting can give a commercial landscape additional visual impact after sunset.

Landscape Lighting Area #1: Signage And Entry Ways

Lighting has been proven to deter crime, so one of the most vital aspects lighting can bring your Atlanta commercial property is safety. This is important for companies that conduct business at night, such as hotels, country clubs, colleges and restaurants. In this way, signage and entryway lighting is important for visitors to see your facility from the street and make their way inside safely.

But even for properties that are closed before dawn and after dusk, well-designed landscape lighting can ensure 24-hour visibility to provide safe passage for those who need to access the site during off-hours, as well as deter thieves or vandals.

Landscape Lighting Area #2: Pathways And Parking Areas

atlanta commercial landscape lightingOnce night settles in, professionally planned landscape lighting can safely guide people along pathways on your commercial site—whether they take people from their parking spaces to entryways or along pathways to adjacent buildings or to outdoor recreation areas. This provides your visitors with a sense of security, minimizing tripping or other types of accidents.


Landscaping Lighting Area #3: Site Highlights

You can also add landscape lighting to highlight special areas of your commercial property by night, whether it’s a unique green wall, architectural focal point like a fountain or seating area, or wherever you want to draw visitors’ eyes — even after the sky turns dark.

Landscape Lighting: A Bright Idea

Landscape lighting can turn a commercial landscape by day into a unique work-of-art by night—the best of both beauty and functionality!

A business with a well-maintained commercial property sends a positive message toemployees, customers and visitorsa like. Well-designed landscape lighting can help you maintain your quality brand image long after the sun goes down.

Customers will know a commercial company will treat them well if it cares that much about all of the little details that represent its image.


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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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