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In the ever-changing world we live in, the fact remains that there will always be a need for hospitals, assisted living communities and related properties. Although the purposes for these segments are unchanging, the needs of their occupants will always be in flux based on our constantly shifting culture. HighGrove’s commercial landscape professionals see these changes every day as we visit these properties.

Landscaping has a big role to play in helping these properties stay “with the times”  — here are some suggestions as you ponder landscape enhancements to your hospital or assisted living community.

Entry Improvements

landscape enhancements hospitals assisted livingYou only have one chance to make a first impression.

As people enter into your property they will judge how well the front entrance looks. Is it giving you the impact you desire to impress your clients? High-impact, low-maintenance selections such as Loropetalum, Knockout Roses and Camellias offer year-round color.

Fragrant plants can also add more depth to the entry experience. There are several plants which offer a nice aroma throughout the course of a year: Tea Olive, Lantana, Gardenia, Butterfly Bush and Winter Daphne are a few that will be noticed as folks walk in your doors.

Seasonal or perennial color beds are always a great high impact enhancement anywhere on your property. Look at where they are now and ask if they are really giving you the impact you need. Add or relocate flower beds at your entry and you will be noticed for sure.

Seating Areas And Water Features

landscape enhancements hospitals assisted livingProviding an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility seems to be a growing trend in hospitals and assisted living facilities. Although providing benches is nice, are you creating an environmental experience for your clients as they enjoy the area they sit it.

Pick high-quality seating furniture that suits your needs. The type of furniture you select says a lot about you and your company.

Small water features are always nice to hear in any interior or exterior area. Select an appropriate feature that suites the area and theme you want to portray. Boulders or decorative elements are a “step above” typical landscape improvements that last for years to come with little to no maintenance costs.

Hardscape And Structural Enhancements

As we explore the options to provide more of an experience for your clients and their visitors, hardscape and structural options are another way to achieve this. It is the difference between visited and noticed. Here are some recommendations to think about for future improvements or changes to your property.

  • Walkways and sidewalks: There are many options for each type of material. We recommend you review all the options based on your budget needs. Pavers, textured concrete, cut stone and boulders, slate chips, mulch are great options depending on the purpose for any walkway.
  • Drive courts and drop-offs: There are many types of pavers or textured concrete that can provide a high impact to these areas of your property.
  • Gates, fences and structures: The additions of gates and decorative fences provide not only a decorative element but a sense of security depending on your needs. Structures such as gazebos, arbors and pergolas give that nice touch to the environment of your property.


When we think of gardens a few things may come to mind. A reputable landscape designer or landscape architect can help navigate through the selection process of how to raise the level of the client experience you are trying to provide.

  • Sensory and vegetable gardens: The use of herbs, fragrant perennials and plants as well as vegetables are great ideas to add more than just design to your landscape.
  • Meditation gardens: These gardens are a way of helping those who are experiencing either a loss or suffering in their family or loved one.
  • Rock gardens: Mixing different types of stone in with the landscape give more depth do your courtyard, eating, or sitting areas.

Exterior Recreational Areas

All facilities within this segment benefit from having recreational areas. For heath care it promotes wellness. For Assisted Living communities it provides a great amenity for residents and visitors without having to go far from their home.

  • Exercise stations: Depending on the size of your property, a walking path with areas for different types of exercise equipment is a great way to maximize the square footage on your site.
  • Sport facilities: Chipping greens, bocce courts, tennis courts or basketball courts are among many options to consider. A reputable landscape architect can help guide you through to determine the best option for you.
  • Outdoor yoga rooms: These areas can be used not only for group yoga practice but also many other outdoor activities.

Which Enhancements Will You Choose?

There are many options for you to increase not only the experience of your property but the overall value as well. HighGrove has professional and experienced staff to help guide you through the solutions and stages to meet your needs.

Call the HighGrove Partners offices at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form for a free consultation. 

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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