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With Atlanta’s frosty and frigid winter weather this season, it’s hard to believe spring is on its way. But it is!

And while we’re certain to have some bouts of cold weather before spring has actually sprung, there’s no harm in planning for spring now on Atlanta commercial properties.

In March, once the chance for any freezing temperatures disappears, and the earth isn’t frozen, HighGrove Partners starts inspecting and starting up its clients’ commercial property irrigation systems, guaranteeing they operate properly and efficiently. While irrigation systems are durable, they need annual maintenance — particularly proper care during spring irrigation startup and fall winterization.

Winter’s Effects On Commercial Property Irrigation Systems

While Atlanta commercial property irrigation systems sit dormant through the wintertime, that doesn’t mean the season can’t have an impact on their how they work. Winter with its snow, ice, cold weather and salt applications can all negatively impact irrigation system operation and life.

This January, Atlanta experienced some very cold temperatures. In fact, early in the month, a mere 6-degree high broke a previous record set for that same date 44 years ago in 1970. And these frigid temperatures could mean more broken pipes, valves and sprinkler heads or rotors.

HighGrove’s spring startup service inspects for all these issues that winter can leave behind. We take all of the necessary steps to slowly bring irrigation systems back to life, making sure no irrigation components are damaged and programming irrigation controllers for maximum efficiency. If some repairs are needed to get the system up and running again, this is a great time to address those changes as well to ensure the system is operating smoothly.

Irrigation Needs In Changing Landscapes

Irrigation systems are a supplement to rain, and in that way they don’t overwater commercial landscapes, wasting water and money. The trick is to provide just enough water and not too much. This is particularly true in Atlanta, where water availability can be an issue as a result of drought.

And as plants grow and mature, their water needs change. Plants that were once in full sun may now be shaded and require less water, for instance. In fact, the entire commercial landscape will change from year to year, and how irrigation systems water a property one year may not be adequate for the same landscape the next year.

During the startup process for irrigation systems, HighGrove crews will look at a commercial property’s irrigation setup and make any necessary adjustments or enhancements to ensure the water the system provides is just enough for your landscape’s current needs.

Plan Your Spring Irrigation Startup And Other Maintenance

Irrigation system startup is just one of the services in a regularly-scheduled irrigation maintenance program that helps keep a commercial irrigation system in top-notch performance through the growing season. This also ensures the best in watering efficiency, as well as decreased operating costs.

HighGrove can help provide you with a detailed commercial landscape irrigation plan that is cost-effective and sustainable. Call us at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form to the right for a free consultation

Last modified: February 10, 2022

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