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5 Reasons Your Property Needs A Fall Mulch ApplicationFall is the time of year when every Atlanta commercial property could use a little rejuvenation.

As color begins to fade, property managers can enhance their landscapes will fall flowering plants in beds and containers for extended color impact through the autumn season.

Landscape water needs change as well in the fall, so property managers adjust their irrigation schedules.

And pine straw mulch begins to break down and fade in color, too, which means it’s the perfect time for a nice, new layer of mulch.

“But I just applied mulch in the spring,” you might be saying to yourself. But fall is a critical time for mulch application on a commercial property — here are five reasons your Atlanta commercial property needs a fall mulch application.

Fall Mulch Applications Are Low Maintenance

Pine straw tends to stay put once placed in beds so it keeps walkways and parking lots clean.

It stays loose and breaks down nicely, so it never needs mixing or turning. A fresh layer in fall replenishes what is needed for plants and soil.

Fall Mulch Applications Control Weeds

5 Reasons Your Property Needs A Fall Mulch ApplicationWeeds steal nutrients from plants in commercial landscape beds.

Pine straw mulch, applied in a nice 2- to 3-inch layer, keeps these pesky weeds at bay.

In fact, because it’s so loose, pine straw tends to let weed seeds fall through where they won’t take root, whereas wood mulches have the tendency to create places for weeds to germinate.

Fresh pine straw mulch is essential in fall to keep late-season weeds in check.

Fall Mulch Applications Add Aesthetic Appeal

Pine straw mulch has a thin texture and consistent color that’s really refreshing in the landscape in fall. It looks neutral and natural in any commercial landscape, providing a solid backdrop that draws attention to your commercial property’s bold, vibrant fall seasonal color.

Fall Mulch Applications Are Sustainable By Nature

Pine straw mulch comes from pine tree needles, which are raked and baled for use as mulch.

This is a great source of mulch in the fall since it’s renewable and comes from a natural source. It’s a naturally “green” addition to any Atlanta commercial property.

Fall Mulch Applications Reinvigorate Soil

In addition to shielding plant roots from extreme temperatures and safeguarding soil moisture, pine straw mulch prevents erosion by keeping the soil in place, despite any heavy rains or winds that can arrive in the fall months.

Pine straw mulch also prevents soil compaction by reducing rain’s heavy impact on the soil surface.

As pine straw breaks down, it also releases organic matter to supply soil with nutrients and improve soil texture over time.

Falling For Mulch Applications

Have you noticed that your pine straw mulch is breaking down or has faded in color? Are you seeing some weeds appearing in your commercial landscape beds? Do you see any areas of your landscape beds that are eroding?

We can help you with a fall mulch application and general fall landscape cleanup that will reinvigorate your landscape and help conserve water in your landscape beds, as well as keep them insulated and looking fresh and weed-free.

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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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