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atlanta commercial property landscaping traffic flowWhen you drive or walk through a commercial property, trying to find your way from a visitor parking area to a main entryway or to your final destination, do you ever stop to think there are cues in the landscape that are actually leading you from one place to the next?

It’s true. Every commercial property is designed with a plan in mind to meet that site’s specific needs. And the landscape is laid out in such a way that it includes basic elements and principles that ensure the vista is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at but also functional for property owners as well as visitors.

In fact, a well-planned commercial landscape can greatly benefit the lives of people who work at and visit those properties. Here are some ways landscaping can improve traffic flow on your Atlanta commercial property.


Design Elements: Lines

The reason you know where you’re going on a commercial property is because there is a natural flow to the property. The eye follows an entranceway with beds and then moves to the next set of landscape beds and pathways that fit or flow together, providing various focal points and moving visitors in the right direction.

It starts with lines. The way landscape designers use lines can create a feeling in a commercial property. For instance, smooth, curved lines can inspire a relaxed, natural feeling, while straight lines can be more structural and directional, pointing the visitor to an entryway immediately.

Design Elements: Texture

In addition to lines, so many textures can work together in a commercial landscape design—from building surfaces and patios/walkways to plants and trees—to create consistency as well as movement. In a professionally designed commercial landscape, you’ll see a complementary mix of these textures—rough and smooth hardscape surfaces and small and large-leafed plants, for instance. This combination creates an appealing environment for the visitor.

Design Elements: Shape And Scale

You’ll also notice different shapes or forms in the commercial landscape—tall, columnar plants and shorter, mounding plants combined with weeping as well as upright varieties.

Furthermore, the scale of the plants and landscape beds in relation to the commercial buildings is something one will notice in a professional commercial landscape design. Plants and trees will usually be chosen in relation to their surroundings so they provide the appropriate scale and fit the space nicely.


Design Principles

Considering some of these basic design elements, a landscape design professional will then use design principles, such as repetition, balance and transition, to create symmetry and proportion in the overall flow of the landscape. For instance, a repeated color scheme accented by taller, bolder anchoring plants can naturally lead a visitor through the site in a pleasing way. Here, plant and color placement gently guide people along, letting them know where to stop and take in a focal point or where to continue on a path toward their destination.


Working To Meet Your Atlanta Commercial Property’s Needs

When HighGrove designs a commercial landscape, we conduct a complete site analysis, looking at architectural style, existing vegetation, views, etc., in addition to client needs and desires, to come up with a plan that fits that Atlanta commercial property’s specific needs.

Interested in improving the flow of traffic on your commercial property? Call us at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form for a free consultation. 


Last modified: March 28, 2022

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