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atlanta snow removalThe hazards from winter weather vary across the country. While the North may suffer more inches of the white, fluffy stuff and more frigid cold and ice, nearly every U.S. area can face some type of severe winter weather at some point, Atlanta included.

Atlanta’s winter storms typically bring an occasional dusting of snow over a few hours. Once the weather warms up to fifty or so degrees and the sun shines, those bits of white usually melt.

But if temperatures remain cold and ice builds with freezing rain, more snow accumulation could bring unexpectedly hazardous roads, icy bridges and clogged parking lots. These are all unsafe passage for commuters, business owners, shoppers and other commercial property visitors, not to mention possible liability concerns for commercial property owners.

This blog post will tackle what you should know about Atlanta commercial snow removal and how you can better prepare your commercial property.

How can Atlanta property managers better prepare for commercial snow and ice removal?

The Old Farmer’s Almanac forecasts a colder winter with above normal snowfall for Atlanta this season. The guide predicts the coldest moments for the city will come in early and late December, early to mid-January and early February.

Also, Atlanta is known to have a bigger snow event every two or three years. The last one took place in 2011, so the 2013/2014 snow season could be the next to bring an event to the area.

Because Atlanta isn’t used to Mother Nature’s more frigid wrath, when a major snow and ice event hits and deicer wasn’t applied soon enough or there weren’t enough snowplows to keep up with the inches, the result is a mad scramble and a crippled city as everyone reactively fights the storm.

The trick to overcoming unexpected and burdensome winter weather? Be proactive and prepared before the storm strikes.

Have A Team In Place

atlanta snow removalWhen a snowstorm hits, the work to clear the storm and any resulting damage can be challenging and time-consuming for commercial property managers. From the long hours keeping up with snowfall and ice accumulation to the constant weather monitoring to the equipment, materials and manpower necessary to finish the job, the work involved can be substantial.

This is why having a plan, a partner and a contingency budget for unexpected storms is crucial for commercial property managers who want to be better prepared for the season.

HighGrove Partners offer its commercial maintenance clients the option of signing up now for snow and ice services for the winter season. Making a commitment to those services early means if the time comes when a severe storm hits, your property will be one of the first on the list for snow and ice removal so you can get back to business as usual with limited interruption.

Having a partner like HighGrove means having a team that can do all of the proactive planning before the storm so your property is ready. They can also do the heavy lifting during the event so you can remain headache- and worry-free as a stressful storm blows through your property.

HighGrove’s crews are equipped and ready. For a safe winter for you and your commercial property’s employees, tenants and visitors, call us at (678)298-0550 or use our simple contact form.

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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