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Landscape Enhancements To Add The Element Of Surprise On Your Atlanta Commercial PropertyWhat sets a commercial property apart from all the rest?

A neat, tidy appearance—inside and out.

Easy-to-read, attractive signage.

A great location and a landscape design that complements the building aesthetics.

Sure, all of these things are essential in giving a commercial property great curb appeal for its tenants, visitors and employees.

But what really gets people talking is when all of the above are complete, but there’s also something different that attracts their attention — that “je ne sais quoi.” You might call it a wow factor, or an element of surprise that amazes people.

The unexpected stops people in their tracks and draws them in. Think of the feeling you might get when you stumble upon a musician playing on the sidewalk or a beautiful mural painted on the side of a city building.

These occurrences don’t happen by chance, even if they’re meant to seem that way; they are planned and designed.

You, too, can orchestrate your own element of surprise on your Atlanta commercial property.

Here are four ideas for spaces that are spontaneous and creative, drawing people in and keeping them talking about your property.

Bold Furnishings

Landscape Enhancements To Add The Element Of Surprise On Your Atlanta Commercial PropertyBeen embracing tans, beiges and grays for too long? Maybe it’s time to trade in those bland patio sets, benches and other furniture on your commercial property for replacements in brighter hues.

Pieces with pop, punch and pizzazz actually add to the flowers around them instead of hiding in the background.

Bold colored containers full of flowers can also draw the eye in.

Colored Concrete

Concrete in its typical gray form is also being traded in for concrete in tinted colors, such as blues, greens and yellows. (Think of colors reminiscent of a children’s playground!)

Retail centers are using this concrete in between parking lots to add splashes of bright, bold hues that really draw attention.

Get Fancy With Flowers

Sure, red, white and pink are great together. But why not consider uncommon pairings for an intriguing look that forces the eye to look…and then look again?

A combination of orange, purple and red, for instance, utilizes colors from opposite ends of the color wheel and provides a different grouping than the usual.

While we’re talking flowers, also consider some different varieties than the standard ones—camellias with distinctive blooms or roses in new shades, for instance.

Enhance Your Entrance

Stones and columns have been done before when it comes to commercial company signage. Today, companies are trading these materials in for raised layers of lighted glass and steel or custom, colorful entry gates to dress signage and entryways up and stand out among their competitors.

Let’s Talk About Your Special Elements Of Surprise

Think about your commercial property and what makes it unique. There are so many ways HighGrove Partners’ team can brainstorm with you to determine the many ways you can make your facility and its landscape stand out and shine.

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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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