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Landscape Enhancements to Improve Your Office Park’s Curb AppealWhen an office’s curb appeal makes a great first impression, the results speak for themselves.

Employees walk into the door with lighter steps and smiles on their faces, brightened by entering a colorful and well-maintained exterior. Job applicants want to see what’s inside, thinking how nice it must be to work in a place with such a great looking façade.

Sound impossible? Well, it’s true. A large percentage of people form an instant opinion about an office—and whether or not they really want to go inside—based on its curb appeal. The view people see when they drive by or arrive for an interview or appointment is crucial to ensuring they form a positive opinion about a company’s brand.

Even if you are a property manager of a commercial space that doesn’t welcome clients, the exterior matters. Landscape and lawn maintenance — keeping things clean, pruned, green, growing and weed-free — keeps the value of the property at its peak all year long. Property values are important to not only your individual commercial property, but also the neighborhood. Keep curb appeal high and you can maintain or grow your property value.

Plus, tenants may seem content at an office park, but how do you know they aren’t shopping around for a better space? Since no property is the only commercial space in town, maintaining an edge with great curb appeal is an easy and relatively low-cost way to remain competitive.

Try this: Arrive at your office and stop for a minute at the entryway and take a good look at the front entrance and its surroundings. Pretend it’s your first visit. Is your approach to the space neat and well-maintained? Is it aesthetically appealing? Would you want to go inside?

Here are three simple enhancements that can help you boost curb appeal at your commercial office.

Enhancement #1: It’s Color Time

Bright, bold colors will always draw eyeballs to commercial office parks. But for truly differentiating curb appeal, try mixing colors from opposite sides of the color wheel instead of colors that are too close together. Purple, orange and red, for instance, can make a larger impact than whites and pinks. The unique color combination can force people to pause and look at the landscape a little longer.

Unusual and nontraditional plant varieties can also create interest; try new shades of roses or distinctively blooming camellias.

Or consider echoing a company’s logo colors in the landscaping to establish its identity and distinguish it among other commercial spaces. The right mix of color can give an office’s frontage pop and punch.

Enhancement #2: Bigger Is Better

Landscape beds are increasing in size for bigger impact. Fewer, larger beds bursting with contagious color located in key entranceway areas can produce a more powerful effect than lots of smaller beds scattered throughout the front of commercial office space.

Enhancement #3: Elements Of Surprise

Landscape Enhancements to Improve Your Office Park’s Curb AppealWhen thinking about commercial signage, think lively and playful. Today, commercial office park managers are spending their upgrade budgets on different color and light combinations using steel and glass instead of traditional stone to dress up signage and create a lasting impression.

In the same way, unique focal points like intricate fencing or fountains can also draw eyes inward and create amazing curb appeal.

Need A Curb Appeal Boost?

Remember, when enhancing curb appeal, the most distinctive you can make your property, the better. HighGrove Partners can give you that edge and help you ensure your external appearance shines, contributing to the neighborhood in a positive way.

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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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