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Green Industry Great Escape 2013 Las Vegas“We never stop learning, none of us.”

This quote is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. It’s also been said if one never stops learning, he or she will never get old.

Companies, like people, constantly grow and change. As such, people in an organization need to remain in the business of learning. As the business world changes, companies that keep up with the times can be the next leaders of their respective industries.

HighGrove Partners CEO Jim McCutcheon embraces this business concept for himself, as well as his business. By making a company’s main concern the business of learning, employees remain fresh, efficient, and continue to thrive. “I believe in being a full-time learner,” he says. “If you’re not learning new things regularly, you’re falling behind.”

Green Industry Great Escape Lands in Vegas

Recently, Jim had the opportunity to attend the Professional Landcare Network’s Green Industry Great Escape. The annual conference brings together upper-level management, owners, and key personnel from green industry businesses for education and networking.

Networking serves as a key part of the event, where attendees get to exchange ideas with top professionals from across the country. The intimate setting – approximately 200 attendees – makes this component essential to the learning process.

In addition to networking, educational events are also targeted at business owners and focus on continual business improvement and growth.

The Green Industry Great Escape kicked off with a welcome session by Jim Paluch, president of JP Horizons, a business coaching enterprise. “Everybody wins when somebody gets outside,” Paluch says; his presentation focused on the importance of creating a greater appreciation for the value of outdoor living spaces.

The keynote focused on how businesses can get out of the box and stay out to continue driving forward, presented by Motivational Speaker, Author, and Corporate Entertainer Jon Petz.

One of Jim’s favorite speakers was Janine Driver, body language expert, author of “You Say More Than You Think” and “You Can’t Lie to Me,” and founder and president of the Body Language Institute. Driver demonstrated the importance of posture, facial expressions, and other non-verbal communications, which are important in sales situations with clients and in dealing with employees.


Networking, education…and big bucks for scholarships

Jim is also president of PLANET’s Academic Excellence Foundation, which raised $30,000 for new scholarships at the Green Industry Great Escape Auction. AEF was formed in 1998 to promote and advance the lawn care and landscape services industry by supporting academic excellence. Since its inception, AEF has awarded $730,000 in scholarships to 718 students.

The Green Industry Great Escape is an important event for HighGrove. “Attending events like this are one of the ways I get better at building my business vs. just running my business,” Jim says.

And, as Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Learning never exhausts the mind.”

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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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