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HighGrove Welcomes The Latest Technology In Client Meetings And Updates

Excellent client service is all about communication.

At HighGrove Partners, we believe being able to effectively keep clients informed of their property maintenance status, concerns and any updates is essential in building trust and providing great service.

We know keeping our commercial property managers abreast of the work being done on their properties, eliminates headaches, saves them time and enables them to do their jobs more effectively. Research shows time and time again that happy customers not only stay with companies but also refer these businesses to others. That’s the atmosphere of client trust we want to create with our valued customers.

Technology develops faster than ever these days, and there are even more ways to keep in touch with customers now than ever, too. In fact, we use some great technologies every day to streamline and improve our client relationships.

Here are some of the high-tech ways we keep the lines of communication open.

We Are The Eyes And Ears Of The Property Manager

Many times, Atlanta commercial property managers work in one office but are managing more than one property, and each property can be located all across the city. So, it’s a reality these commercial property managers can’t be on all of their properties every day, but more like once a month or once a quarter. So they rely on their landscape contractors to maintain the properties and alert them to any issues that are outside the traditional scope of the contracts. As their eyes and ears on the property, we’ll take pictures or videos of such issues and send them to the property managers so they are aware of them and can make decisions without making additional or unnecessary trips to the property.

Friends And Connections

On social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, HighGrove enjoys making connections with our clients.

We’d love to help answer questions that pertain to our areas of expertise — even if they’re part of our clients’ personal lives — such as questions about landscape challenges or concerns.

Creativity Corner

HighGrove landscape designers keep their eyes on popular social and visual websites like Pinterest and Houzz. Why? Because commercial property managers and building owners are referencing trends, colors and design ideas they are seeing on these sites and showing them to their landscape designers for reference.

This creates a more interactive design process where entire teams come up with ideas and solutions to their spaces. To differentiate themselves, they are using pins and posts to find inspiration.

Time To Get Visual

HighGrove Welcomes The Latest Technology In Client PresentationsDuring a sales presentation, many times HighGrove staff will use iPads to show examples of work they’ve done with other clients or share customer testimonials. The tool is a great way to instantly present visuals to help explain or showcase various types of landscape work, as well as the color and texture of specific softscape or hardscape materials.

Sound And Secure

At HighGrove’s own property, the company has installed security cameras to help reduce theft. How does this benefit its customers? It’s keeps overhead costs low, and this enables the company to provide improved quality and pricing to its clients.

We’re A Tech-Friendly Company

HighGrove is happy to communicate with you via text, email or any other form you prefer. Call us at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form for a free consultation!

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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