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“Out with the old, in with the new.” If that doesn’t sum up spring, I don’t know what does. Each spring offers your commercial landscape a fresh start. From new growth on trees and shrubs to a fresh layer of mulch and colorful bedding plants, spring gives property managers another chance at bragging rights.

Many of our clients also look at spring as a way for us to help them keep up with the times by upgrading or replacing many of their site furnishings with something newer and more durable. First impressions carry so much weight nowadays and you never know who’s looking — like your next tenant.

When it comes to commercial landscape design, it’s easy and all too common to overlook site furnishings and get wrapped up in plans for lush turf, sweet smelling blossoms and a landscape of colorful annuals.

Common Commercial Site Furnishings To Upgrade This Spring

As time goes on and things around your property start to wear, there’s always a chance the worn can turn into the broken and the broken can just as quickly become a safety hazard. Are there furnishings throughout your site that could use a little TLC? Here are four commercial site furnishings properties across greater Atlanta should consider upgrading or replacing this spring.

Large Decorative Planters

planters are a type of commercial site furnishing to replace this springBeyond instant impact, large flower planters can serve your commercial property in a variety of ways. Depending how you use and arrange them, these decorative planters not only look beautiful when planted up, they can also be used to create security barriers, offer some traffic control, and draw attention to focal points — signage, entrance, etc.

Today, planters are available in countless designs, materials, sizes and colors, making it easy to coordinate them with other site furnishings. Faded colors, chipping paint, cracks, poor drainage are all telltale signs it’s time to consider new planters.


benches are a type of commercial site furnishing Park benches have this inviting quality that’s hard to ignore. When the weather’s right, there is nothing better than finding that empty bench on your lunch break or after a long day of shopping.

And though most benches look timeless, make lasting memorials and seem to last forever, years of use and weathering can warp and diminish the look and stability of your outdoor bench seating — particularly in high traffic areas. From recycled plastic to steel and wood, benches on the market today offer property managers plenty of peace of mind, thanks to weather- and vandalism-resistant materials as well as maintenance-free and theft-deterring construction.

Trash Receptacles

trash cans are a type of commercial site furnishingI get it — it’s hard to get excited about trash cans, let alone pay attention to them. But compared to other furnishings, trash receptacles get a lot of attention and take a beating day in and day out. Could your property benefit from replacing them? Ask yourself this question: Are my trash cans constantly overflowing with trash?

If you answered yes, there’s a good chance your receptacles are too small for the high traffic area you have them located — they should have a capacity of 32 gallons or more. You may also have an issue with the lid, or lack thereof. Whether you’re interested in promoting recycling or general use, small openings and dirty lids can act as just one more obstacle standing in the way of waste getting into the trash receptacle.

Bike Racks

bike racks are a type of commercial site furnishingLast year, Bicycling.com ranked the “Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities In America”  and, sadly, Atlanta was nowhere to be found. So our fair city doesn’t necessarily champion a bike culture — yet — that doesn’t mean tenants, employees and shoppers aren’t trading their four wheels in for two from time to time. (It should be noted that Atlanta just finished construction on its BeltLine, which I think should send it on its way to making that list.)

As our society continues to make this push toward health and eco consciousness, there’s one thing we know: Bikes aren’t going anywhere.

With that said, is your site bike friendly and does it cater to bike parking? Updating your property’s bike rack is one of the easiest ways to add a burst of color and personality while encouraging an active, healthier lifestyle. Racks today come in a variety of configurations to accommodate more bikes and deter theft.

Need A Hand Choosing New Site Furnishings?

HighGrove can help. After all, a bad experience caused by an old, worn out and faulty furnishing is preventable. We know you want things to look beautiful — we do too — but safety is always our first concern with your property, and any questionable commercial site furnishing should be inspect immediately.

From light fixtures to the lids on your garbage cans and everything in between, we know the red flags and when it’s absolutely necessary to replace your site furnishings. Give HighGrove Partners a call at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form to set up a meeting with our commercial landscape design professionals.

And be sure to check out our 2015 Commercial Property Trends Report below. Updating commercial site furnishings is just one of eight timely, important trends to help your commercial property become more attractive, more accessible and more sustainable this year and for years to follow.


Last modified: June 3, 2021

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