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Hardscape features like walkways, patios, and entryways can transform your commercial property and help it stand out.

These additions can give tenants and visitors places to relax and walk around, along with increasing the property’s value.

Once you decide to add these elements to your site, you need to figure out which material to use. And two options are stamped concrete or concrete pavers.

The decision comes down to:

  • Style
  • Budget
  • Benefits

Here’s a look at how stamped concrete and pavers compare to help you figure out which is best for your commercial landscape.

What’s the Difference Between Stamped Concrete and Pavers?

Both styles of hardscape materials can be used for paths, patios, and other walkways, but they have very different looks and styles.

Stamped ConcreteStamped concrete — also known as textured or imprinted concrete — is poured concrete that is stamped to look like another material or have a pattern. We place textured rubber panels of various sizes over newly poured, curing concrete and apply pressure to make an impression.

Stamped concrete can replicate flagstone, brick, tile, slate, and wood. Or, it can be imprinted with a pattern that complements other structures.

The options are pretty limitless with stamped concrete. You can even have the colors hand-blended on the site to create a truly custom look. Of course, you should also have a sealer added to help protect the concrete from wear and tear.

Concrete PaversOn the other hand, Pavers come in different colors and shapes, allowing you to design the pieces to create different patterns and designs. They are individual units that interlock together instead of a solid piece like stamped concrete.

Where Should You Install Stamped Concrete or Pavers for the Biggest Impact?

You can use both of these materials in various places on your site — creating sidewalks, paths, patios, and other common areas. But to show them off, here are some of the top places to install these hardscape materials.

Entryways are one of the best places to add stamped concrete because it can create a stunning, welcoming sight for visitors. First impressions are everything, and you want people who come to your site to have a good one.

Both stamped concrete and pavers can be used to create purposeful walkways that help control your site’s traffic flow.

Or, if you have a worn-out landscape area that needs some enhancement, you can replace the current materials with stamped concrete or pavers to bring new life to the space.

How Much Does Stamped Concrete Cost Compared to Pavers?

It isn’t easy to compare prices for stamped concrete and pavers like apples to apples because, well, they aren’t.

Since stamped concrete can be made to look like other materials — slate and brick — you’re better off comparing the price of the concrete with the material you are trying to replicate. As a result, stamped concrete is a cost-effective way to add a 3D look to hardscapes without paying the same price as actual brick or slate.

Concrete Pavers

The finish for stamped concrete costs $8.50 to $10 per square foot on the higher end, including multiple patterns, colors, and custom effects. The lower end of the range includes a basic design in one color.

Compared to pavers, stamped concrete will likely cost a little more. The concrete will also take a little longer to install because it has to cure before being used.

What are the Maintenance Requirements for Both Materials?

Another aspect that affects the long-term costs of the two options is hardscape maintenance.

Stamped concrete can be affected by the settlement, extreme temperatures, and heavy loads, leading to cracks. A contractor will most likely need to jackhammer the area and replace materials necessary to repair the damage. It can be challenging to match the exact color and pattern each time the concrete is repaired.

Pavers usually are more durable and will not crack, making them better suited for extreme weather changes. If a paver is damaged, it can be removed and replaced with a similar unit. You shouldn’t have to worry much about settling issues if the pavers are installed initially with a solid base.

stamped concrete

However, pavers can have issues such as needing to fix spaces that form between individual pavers — which is not something you have with stamped concrete. The contractor will need to fill this void with sand to prevent weeds from growing.

Enhance Your Property with Stamped Concrete and Pavers

You really can’t go wrong with adding stamped concrete or pavers to your site: The one you choose should match your property’s style, budget, and maintenance expectations.

At HighGrove Partners, we offer both as part of our landscape design/build services. Our experienced team will also maintain the hardscape features, along with the other parts of your landscape.

We cover the Atlanta area and offer commercial landscaping, landscape maintenance, and water management services.

Ready to add stamped concrete or pavers to your landscape? Give us a call at 678-298-0550 or contact us online.

Last modified: December 2, 2021

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