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It’s June. As a commercial property manager or owner, you’re probably thinking about the softscapes on your Atlanta commercial property—annuals, perennials, grasses—anything with a little color and texture. These landscaping elements can provide instant, gratifying pops of color come summertime.

While planting can happen year-round, the heat and humidity can put additional stress on plants, especially if they are freshly installed and need water to get established.

So what can commercial property managers and owners do now to freshen their Atlanta properties?

Think Hardscapes

From paver and stone paths to retaining walls to patios!

“Commercial property managers are usually thinking of plants now and hardscapes in the fall,” he explains. “I think it should be the other way around. June’s heat is a great time for hardscape installation because the weather doesn’t affect hardscapes like it does plants. And September is a better time for the plant installation because the temperatures aren’t so hot.”

Permeable Pavers

Drainage and environment friendly

Permeable pavers are growing in popularity on commercial sites. These pavers reduce runoff, allowing rainwater to drain through them into the ground rather than sending it off into streets or storm drains. They can even help lower temperatures in the summer as they absorb moisture instead of heat.

Because permeable pavers are more environmentally friendly, they can also help commercial properties acquire more Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points. LEED is a rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to evaluate environmental performance.

Outdoor Kitchens

The ultimate office park space

Even more popular than permeable pavers, the most significant landscaping and hardscape trend McHenry is seeing on Atlanta commercial properties today is the addition of outdoor kitchens and patios, especially at office parks.

These spaces typically include a sizable patio with a built-in grill and accompanying counter space area, as well as tables and chairs. Plant material installed around the site completes the look. 

“These spaces provide great picnic areas for employees,” 

“The grill is usually oriented so it’s facing into the patio so the caterer or chef can interact with the people on the patio, say if they are having a grill-to-order selection of foods. An outdoor kitchen and patio is a great meeting space that can reuse for lunch breaks, meetings, and even cookouts.” McHenry says.

Think about your commercial property’s existing hardscapes–your walkways, patios, walls. Let HighGrove help you improve these areas for your tenants. 

Signup for our complimentary Property Assessment and our landscaping experts will visit your Atlanta property and discuss your many options for high-value improvements to your hardscape areas.

We pride ourselves on being up on the latest commercial landscaping and development trends. Why not let our design and planning experts at HighGrove help you with your next development project? Start the conversation by calling us at (678) 298-0550 or filling out our handy contact form.

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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