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What Does This Year’s Salt Shortage Means For Your Atlanta Commercial Property?It feels like just yesterday when just over 2 inches of snowfall shut down metropolitan Atlanta’s roads, schools, churches, government offices and businesses. Thousands of flights were cancelled at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and more than 2,000 school children were separated from their parents and spent the night at buses, police stations or classrooms.

It wasn’t yesterday — but it was just in January 2014.

Preparation Is Key

How can a storm like this cripple a city the size of Atlanta? It’s not that uncommon for an area that hits peaks and valleys of warmth and cold when snow and ice are involved. Once the initial snow melted in Atlanta as a result of 55- to 60-degree ground temperatures, the cold air then froze it, turning it into a slick, icy coating, which made for very slippery roads, with more snow compressing into the ice. Combine this with the fact that Atlanta’s residents all hit the busy roads at about the same time, and that panic and inflated number of cars on the road caused a lot of problems.

Were Atlanta residents prepared? Yes and no. The weather forecasts were hinting at a winter storm watch before the snow started falling, but this was lowered to an advisory the afternoon before and then a warning during the middle of the night.

A Weather Underground article said city officials were caught off-guard by the storm. They “didn’t have appropriate action plans, which the threatening forecast would have triggered.”

Luckily, unlike many in the northern United States, Atlanta didn’t experience the same level of salt shortages to the extent other areas experienced during the 2013-2014 winter season. However, when a storm like this hits so suddenly, having adequate ice melt product on hand is essential in taking care of ice immediately to avoid causing that compaction of ice and snow that translate to slippery roads and parking lots in the event of a storm.

Don’t Let A Shortage Happen To You

What Does This Year’s Salt Shortage Means For Your Atlanta Commercial Property?Property managers and snow and ice professionals are being more cautious as the winter season approaches after last year. And for good reason. Vendors are saying they are running low or are out of ice melt product already.

At the height of the storm in Atlanta, there was a salt and ice melt shortage, but companies that planned ahead didn’t even feel it — including HighGrove Partners.

HighGrove Partners plans early for whatever the snow season may bring. By mid-October to November 1 each year, equipment is in place and ready to go, and supplies are stocked. We’re currently sitting on 25 to 30 tons of ice melt product, compared to the 10 to 12 tons we normally stock — as a result of last year’s storm.

Being “overprepared” now means HighGrove’s clients will be well taken care of when snow and ice storms strike.

Create An Action Plan

While it’s hard to think about snow and ice now, it’s wise to be proactive. Having a snow and ice partner is crucial for Atlanta commercial property managers. Smart, tactical planning is what you should look for in a snow and ice management partner.

HighGrove can help you keep your business open and avoid liability issues during the worst winter events. Call us at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form for a free consultation!

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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