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begonias caladium impatiensLast month I met with a property manager here in Atlanta who had reservations about adding seasonal color to her property. The property is quite mature with shaded flowerbeds and, in the past, other commercial landscaping contractors had not been very creative with their seasonal color displays.

Since past contractors struggled with what shade-loving plants to use in these flowerbeds, she asked me, somewhat hesitantly, what HighGrove would do differently with her seasonal color.

This is a question we are often asked at HighGrove because we understand the struggle in having shaded flowerbeds but still wanting to create a strong impact and wow factor with seasonal color.

Picking the right plant material according to the site’s sun exposure is the first step in having successful flowerbeds in the shade.

Below are five of the most colorful shade plants for Atlanta commercial real estate that can make a big, immediate impact.

New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens Are A Colorful Shade Plant For Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

New Guinea Impatiens are tropical-looking flowering annuals that come in a variety of colors including salmon, red, pink, lilac, purple, and white. These impatiens have a unique leaf shape and texture that adds interest to your shaded flower beds.


Caladiums Are A Colorful Shade Plant For Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Caladiums are a non-flowering foliage plant that can be white, red and green, pink, or even a speckled design. These shade-loving plants are actually a bulb and get taller than most other shade plants. Caladiums can be used as an accent plant in groups or in a mixture to add interest and height.

Green leaf begonias

Green Leaf Begonias Are A Colorful Shade Plant For Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Green leaf begonias are an upright, all-season flowering annual. These shade-loving plants are available in pink, rose, red and white. Green leaf begonias are low maintenance and provide the all-season show. This begonia is heat tolerant and can be used to create strong contrast in your flower beds.


Ginger Is A Colorful Shade Plant For Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Ginger is a terrific accent plant for shady spots. It has a variegated, or two-tone, a leaf that is dark green and chartreuse. These shade-loving plants are a good choice for adding height to a bed or for some added wow factor in an already beautiful flower bed.


Coleus Are A Colorful Shade Plant For Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Coleus is another non-flowering plant with striking foliage. Coleus comes in a wide variety of shapes, textures, and colors, from solid orange and lime to speckled coral, purple, and chartreuse. This is a great plant as a backdrop to a shade flower bed or to add an element of season-long consistent color.

Make Your Shady Landscape Shine With Bright, Seasonal Color

A passion for smart design and an understanding of all types of plant material, no matter the sun exposure, is key to creating extraordinary seasonal color displays. Give these five colorful shade plants a try on your Atlanta property!

If you’re struggling with some shady areas of your own, give us a call at (678) 298-0550, we’d love to add a little extra “pop!” to your flower beds.

And be sure to check out our 2015 Commercial Property Trends Report below. Using bold, seasonal color is just one of eight timely, important trends to help your commercial property become more noticeable, more beautiful, and more relevant this year and for years to follow.

Last modified: June 15, 2022

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