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commercial irrigation systems designAn Atlanta office park is all business—tall, gray buildings with lots of traffic coming in at 8 a.m. and then departing at 5 p.m. Commuters with their laptop bags and cell phones rush to prepare for the day’s meetings and prioritize their lists of job tasks. And then they leave at the end of the day, hurrying home to have dinner and see their families. Nothing adds life and color to this metro-Atlanta commercial property scene like a lush, rolling, vibrant green lawn and landscaping. An office park that takes great pride in its property and its tenants knows this burst of color brings life to the site, softening all the concrete edges and freshening the air around them.

Green is Good

In fact, the greening of business districts increases community pride and positive perception of an area, drawing customers to those businesses, Virginia Cooperative Extension research says. And business owners should know there’s an even greater perk to beautiful commercial landscaping: Psychologists have found that access to plants and turf provides a sense of rest and allows workers to be more productive.

For retail spaces, the perks of green include greater visibility for potential customers. The University of Washington says businesses can locate when trees and green plants, and turf frame them. And those consumers would be willing to pay an average 12% premium for goods purchased in retail establishments accompanied by quality landscaping.

Not a bad boost in curb appeal and profit from well-maintained commercial landscaping!

Commercial Irrigation Systems that Water Right

The trick in Atlanta is keeping these rolling green hills hydrated even in summer’s heat. Effective irrigation systems can make all the difference. Moreover, the proper irrigation scheduling and rescheduling based on soil, turf type, and season can keep turf thriving and surviving even during the most extreme temperatures and keeping in mind any water restrictions that might be in place.

Here are the top things we look for when designing commercial irrigation systems and watering lawns the right way here in Atlanta.

#1. Timing is Everything in Your Commercial Irrigation Systems

HighGrove’s landscape maintenance professionals know that watering during the optimum time and using the right amount of water is crucial in Atlanta heat.  This means early morning or late evening watering for maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Typically, 1 inch of water is essential during irrigation to ensure turf roots are hydrated. Also, waiting the right amount of time between irrigation periods is important. When the grass starts to show slight signs of moisture stress, such as off-color or wilting leaves, then it’s time to water again.

#2. Maintain Balance

For cool-season grasses like fescue, this means ensuring they get enough water to remain green but not giving them too much, so they are dependent on the water when it becomes scarcer during the summer months or drought.

Understanding this delicate balance requires specialized horticultural knowledge, so it is important to have your commercial irrigation systems maintained by a knowledgeable commercial landscaping pro.

#3. Control Blemishes

An Atlanta commercial landscaping pro like HighGrove Partners will also keep an eye out for brown spots or other unattractive turf areas that can blemish the whole lawn picture.

This could be a sign of a broken or malfunctioning irrigation head or placed incorrectly to ensure adequate coverage. It’s our job to fix these areas throughout the growing season to ensure the right amount of water is reaching every square inch of turf every time.

Commercial irrigation systems require considerable oversight throughout the year, especially during the Hot-lanta summer!

Wondering if your commercial irrigation systems may need an update? Have our landscape and irrigation professionals inspect your metro Atlanta commercial properties. Call us at (678)298-0550 or use our simple contact form.

Last modified: June 10, 2022

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