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Water is an essential element for maintaining a healthy landscape, and in the Southeast our commercial properties can’t live without a smart irrigation system. But are you using too much? When is the last time a water use audit was conducted on your Atlanta corporate campus?

Over time, irrigation systems lose efficiency for a number of reasons. Our commercial properties’ needs change, and so should the way we water the grounds. With an irrigation audit and water-saving measures, corporate campuses could reduce water use by 30 to 50 percent. Now, figure your water expense for the landscape in a month and cut that in half.

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Not to mention, managing water use is a matter of being a good steward to the environment. With drought, watering restrictions and the general need for us all to be more mindful of water use, your corporate campus can do its part—and with little effort.

Here are 5 practical ways to save water—and money—on your Georgia corporate campus.

#1 Ask For An Irrigation Audit

During an irrigation audit of your corporate campus, a landscape management professional will walk your property and carefully assess various aspects of your sprinkler system. That includes identifying broken or leaking sprayheads, and suggesting possible equipment upgrades to replace old technology. The audit will also point out areas of the property that need more or less water. Water run-off and pooling are signs of an irrigation system problem. So is the health of plants and turf. A checklist is reviewed so you have a big-picture perspective of how your irrigation system is working to meet your corporate campus’ water needs. The audit will also include recommendations for saving water. (Read on for those.)

Sprinkler Cover#2 Re-Evaluate Plants’ Water Requirements

After young plants and new grass matures, they require less water than while they are establishing in the landscape. Often, facility managers neglect to adjust their irrigation systems to reduce water output to mature landscape.

In some cases, we can completely cap off sprinkler heads. While there is an expense associated with doing so, you’ll recover that cost almost immediately with the savings from reduced water use.  

#3 Replace Old, Inefficient Irrigation Sprayheads

Irrigation system technology has evolved a lot in recent years. Today we know a lot more about saving water and how a smart irrigation system can significantly reduce water usage and cost. For example, you’ll lose a good amount of water to evaporation with misting sprayheads that emit a fine spray into the landscape. (What you want is a nice, deep watering that will reach plants’ roots.)

One solution is installing multi-position (MP) rotating sprinkler heads that shoot out a stream of targeted water. The head rotates to cover its zone.

#4 Fix Broken And Leaky Sprinkler Heads

Fixed spray-heads are less common today than pop-up heads that basically disappear when they’re not watering. This design is preferred because fixed sprayheads are a trip hazard. Plus, they can get damaged by mowers, golf carts and more. Meanwhile, irrigation systems do work hard here in Atlanta to keep your corporate campus properly watered. Leaks and breaks happen, and they should be addressed immediately to avoid wasting water.

#5 Install Rain Sensors

RainSensor_1.jpgRain sensors are inexpensive and highly effective for managing water use. You’ve probably seen a property’s sprinkler system kick on in the middle of a rain shower or after a long night of precipitation. Rain sensors can be retrofitted to any existing irrigation system—and new systems are required to have rain sensors as a water saving measure.

Practical Water Saving Strategies Pay Off

There are simple ways to drastically curb water use on your Atlanta corporate campus. An irrigation audit is the first step for identifying ways to save water and money.  At HighGrove, we partner with facility managers to create sustainable strategies for improving the way their landscape looks and functions.

Let’s talk more about how you can reduce water use at your Georgia commercial property. Call us any time at 678-298-0550, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.


Last modified: August 30, 2016

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