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The main menu at the hottest Atlanta restaurants is not necessarily what you eat. It’s where you hang out, and there’s nothing like a seriously cool patio space for luring in guests. Does your establishment have an “it” spot outdoors to dine, drink and socialize?


Like any design, patio style changes with the times. There are more amazing features today than ever before to enhance your restaurant’s outdoors. Yes, we know it’s hot out there. (We are in Hotlanta, after all.) But we recommend you turn up the heat with some of these patio design “dos” that will make your business a real player in Atlanta’s restaurant scene.

And the thing about eating out in Atlanta is, there are rows of options. You could dine in a different restaurant every night of the week with no repeats. So consider updating your patio to include some of these must-haves and stand out in the restaurant crowd. Your outdoor dining space can be a strong competitive advantage.

That said, here are seven features that make a great restaurant patio.

restaurant patio design ideasMisting Fans

Make dining outdoors a cool experience with misting fans that lower the temperature and raise the comfort level of your restaurant patio. Patio misting fans are available in a range of sizes and design. You can conceal them with container plantings and position them by high-traffic spaces like bar and gathering areas.

Large, Vibrant Umbrellas

Individual table umbrellas are always a plus on restaurant patios. But extra-large, colorful umbrellas that cover multiple tables can actually block more sun from your outdoor space. Plus, those large umbrellas win points in the looks department and don’t look crowded, which can result from cramming in too many smaller patio umbrellas in a space. Large umbrellas are especially a great solution for smaller patio spaces.   

marlows in AtlantaAttractive Awnings

Protect bar seating areas with decorative, functional awnings that block the sun. Your restaurant guests will appreciate the shade—cheers to that!

Cushioned Lounge Furniture

Today’s patio lounge furniture looks like it moved from a contemporary hotel lobby to your outdoor dining space. We’re talking cushioned seats and throw pillows, and styles like love seats, chaises, even sectionals. Create welcoming seating areas where restaurant guests can casually gather, sip and snack with the latest outdoor furniture options.

Supersized Container Plantings

With containers, think big. Large containers can house trees that provide shade, attractive blooms and add vertical interest. Since tables and chairs tend to be “low” features from a design standpoint, drawing the eye up with taller plants and trees creates layers. Containers are ideal for patios because they’re portable, compact and colorful. You can choose from a diverse range of vessels and plant options.  

Patio LightingTwinkle Night Lighting

Add ambiance to your landscape lighting with strung twinkle lights that can be hung along fences and in trees. The soft glow of these lights is inviting and festive at the same time. This ambiance is the reason people love cozying up next to a lit Christmas tree. Why not carry that feel-good vibe into your Atlanta outdoor patio?

Bar-Side Walk-Up Windows

Think take-out convenience—grab and go. Walk-up food windows at restaurant patios give diners a fast way to pick up eats while they mingle in the space and enjoy the bar. Or, it provides a way for pedestrians to stop in quickly and order a bite on the run. By including a walk-up window in the patio landscape, you essentially invite another audience of customers to your restaurant: One looking for simple service and good food on the move.

Enhance Your Restaurant Patio With Modern Design Features

Consider the options for improving and decorating your Hotlanta restaurant patio and select a few key features to start. By creating a grand plan for your patio, you can gradually enhance the space—or go all out and completely renovate the outdoor space. Any enhancements you do make to your restaurant patio are sure to please the crowds of diners looking for more than just a place to sit outside.

Lets’ talk more about the latest modern design features for your landscape. Call us any time at 678.298.0550, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.


Last modified: August 11, 2016

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