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HighGrove Partners teamBuilding owners demand a maximum return on their investment and expect their facility managers to keep operating costs at a minimum while increasing property value. Whoa, did you take that all in? Yeah, this is quite an expectation!

So, with the challenge laid out, here are 5 ways HighGrove can help facility managers meet these expectations.

[HighGrove to the rescue! Superhero capes not included]

KnowWater Irrigation Audit

The EPA has suggested that the typical commercial irrigation system operates at approximately 50% efficiency. There are numerous reasons for these inefficiencies.

Our KnowWater Irrigation Audit pinpoints these inefficiencies and recommends practical improvements to reduce water usage and save money. It features a return on investment based on recommended improvements and water rates, allowing facility managers to make educated decisions on what improvements can best impact their property goals and give the best bang for their buck.

Land Services Site Assessment

Increasing property value and reducing liability are key responsibilities for all facility managers. A HighGrove Land Service Site Assessment is an in-depth property inspection focused on improving property value and reducing liability.

Items range from repairing trip hazards and safety issues to correcting stormwater runoff problems to beautifying select areas. Property goals and budgets are used to determine timely and affordable solutions.

Detention Pond Assessment

Detention ponds are an important part of flood control and stormwater runoff quality in the urban environment, especially in Atlanta.

To perform their task correctly, detention ponds require regular maintenance. Managing vegetation, removing trash and debris, and maintaining structural integrity are key components in the proper operation of a detention pond.

Government officials inspect and cite numerous ponds each year that do not meet county or city requirements. Our Detention Pond Assessment helps you know what those requirements are and how you can stay within compliance.

Tree Assessment

A property’s most valuable asset outside of the building and parking deck structures is its trees.

Trees provide shade and a welcoming place for tenants to gather outside. They improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Their massive root systems and dense canopies reduce soil erosion and stormwater runoff. Trees increase property value more than any plant and reduce heating and cooling costs up to 30% when strategically planted around buildings.

Unfortunately, most trees are planted and forgotten about until they die and need to be removed. Millions of dollars each year are spent on removing and replacing trees that die prematurely. By allowing us to perform a tree assessment and following through on a tree care program, a facility manager can save money and hold on to an asset that is sometimes irreplaceable.

Landscape management

Saving money and increasing property value is great, but what about a facility manager’s time? How valuable is that? How much time would it save you if you had only one individual you could call to address all the above and parking lot sealing and striping, asphalt and concrete repair, pressure washing, and of course, your landscape maintenance?

Having one point of contact is the HighGrove way. We pride ourselves in putting our client’s time first and assisting them in any way we can because we know their time is precious. Our knowledge and experience in the landscape arena save you money, our commitment to customer service saves you time.

Wondering if your commercial irrigation systems may need an update? Have our landscape and irrigation professionals inspect your metro Atlanta commercial properties. Call us at (678)298-0550 or use our simple contact form.

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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