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landscape architecture and design coordinationHow many times have you walked onto a property and started critiquing the architecture, interiors, and landscape? We’ve all seen the sidewalk to nowhere, plantings blocking windows and other architectural elements, and hardscapes that don’t complement the interior and building finishes.

What happened?

In most instances like this, there wasn’t a unified design team, and on top of that, a serious lack of design coordination prior to construction.

Over the past 20 plus years, HighGrove Partners has prided itself on an integrated team approach to the landscape architecture and design process. When given the opportunity to be involved in a project early in the design process we have a proven track record of providing value to the process and avoiding those unwanted design faux pas.

How do we provide value to architects exactly?

For one, HighGrove can act as adjunct staff for an architect’s projects. This can put an architect on even footing with another architecture firm with in-house landscape architecture services.  It also provides an alternate revenue stream. Here are five benefits of this partnership:

Master planning geared toward low impact development

With the move toward more sustainable design, it’s important to approach a project from a green mindset from day one.  HighGrove has the experience necessary to master plan the site in a way that showcases the architecture while maximizing green space.

Cohesive site theme

Inevitably, a finished project can look completely different from when it started with the initial concept drawings.

While an architect approaches a site from a very aesthetic view, an engineer often approaches a site from the perspective of the systems and infrastructure that are needed.  HighGrove serves as the bridge connecting both of these important elements of the project by providing site solutions that maintain the aesthetic integrity of the project.

Better design coordination

Working with an architect from conceptualization thru construction documentation, we are able to help mold the entire vision for the project.

By having the entire design team involved throughout the project, we can reduce the number of design coordination issues between professionals and resolve them in a timely manner.  This results in fewer unnecessary revisions during the late stages of design with less impact on the critical path for the project, resulting in dollars saved for the architect’s client.

Improved pedestrian experience and building presentation

There is a delicate balance between creating a comfort level of vehicular movement and comfort level from a pedestrian perspective.

With our unique experience, we are able to provide that balancing act to your project.  It may be a slight adjustment in the way a building is sited, or a unique solution to the entry approach that creates the best experience for all patrons when approaching the building.  This ensures that we use the land in a way the best displays the architecture and is functional.

Unified FF&E through the entire project from interiors to exteriors

By working closely with an architect and the interiors from the initial concept, we can begin thinking of materials that tie all elements together on day one.  Our goal is to create a seamless transition from the site to the building and ensure that all furnishings and fixtures are complementary to each other.

If you’re an architect in need of a partner like described here, HighGrove welcomes your call at (678) 298-0550. Or you can reach out to us through our handy contact form.


Last modified: June 2, 2021

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