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black and white chessOne of my closest friends also happens to be one of our best customers. Mike is currently an asset manager for a very large company with over 20 years of experience in the southeast market, including the metro-Atlanta area.

During a recent golf outing I asked Mike why it is that many potential clients perceive our landscaping services at HighGrove Partners to be the same as every other commercial landscaping contractor in Atlanta? In other words, why don’t they see a difference?

With much surprise, Mike replied, “If there isn’t much difference between companies then how is HighGrove still in business?” Wow! Sometimes the best insight comes from asking your clients what they think of you and what makes you different.

After our round of golf, Mike and I had a discussion centered on differentiation. What does HighGrove do differently on a commercial property than other landscapers here in Atlanta? Why are we still in business, and how are we able to continually grow our partnerships with some of the most recognized management companies in the world?

It’s not what you do to the property, it’s what you do for the customer

If you think about it, all landscaping contractors have trucks, mowers, edgers and blowing equipment. But, according to Mike, what makes HighGrove unique is our desire to understand our customer’s unique needs and wants. Not everyone needs the same service.

We’re unique because we understand the differences in our market segments. What HighGrove does for Mike as an asset manager and the reports we provide for him may be totally different than the commercial landscaping services we provide the regional property manager at a Class A office in Atlanta.

We spend more time thinking about what to do for our clients and less on worrying about how to out-do our competitors. For instance, how do we impact the property manager’s job and their performance in the eyes of the owners? How do we help them with their competitive advantage?

Here are five things that Mike and I pointed to that truly make HighGrove Partners unique in the Atlanta commercial landscaping market.

People make the difference

Unfortunately, providing expertise and sound business advice is the exception with many commercial landscaping providers, not the norm.

Our Client Relations Manager (CRM) role was created to provide our clients with a single point of contact at HighGrove Partners when other commercial landscaping companies have continued to practice a “sell and move on” strategy. CRM plays a central role in all of our client relationships.

Years of experience

Mike also commented on the enormous amount of experience our team brings to a client’s commercial property.

We have landscaping and business professionals on staff from many of the best colleges and universities in the country, including Cornell, University of Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Mississippi State, Kansas State, Florida, Georgia State, Kennesaw State, Clemson, Colorado State, Florida State and, yes….UGA, Go Dawgs!

Value added offerings

Mike’s team loves our real estate continuing education courses. And why not, a few hours of coursework at Turner Field always beats a long day at the office. Plus, we offer continuing education credits.

These classes are conducted off-site at Turner Field, as we are the “Official Landscaper of the Atlanta Braves”. We interview our clients regularly and have new classes multiple times each year based on client input.

Locally-owned with a proven reputation of always doing the right thing as a trusted partner

As Mike told me, you don’t become one of the marquis commercial landscaping contractors in Atlanta serving over 400 properties by doing the wrong things and treating clients poorly. You don’t grow 20% a year without a passionate commitment and culture to exceed your client’s expectations.

Full service…and then some

One-stop-shopping has saved our clients time and money. HighGrove’s ability to provide a multitude of commercial landscaping solutions for anything outside your building, from landscape design to construction and expert arbor care to water management, helps us stand out each and every day in the crowded Atlanta commercial landscaping market.

This is what makes HighGrove Partners unique! If you want to partner with a “different kind” of Atlanta commercial landscaping contractor, reach out to us. We welcome your call at (678) 298-0550, or fill out our handy contact form.


Last modified: June 2, 2021

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