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You’ve probably seen how lighting can enhance properties in and around Atlanta, highlighting the architecture and landscape. Commercial landscape lighting systems can really bring your Atlanta property to life at night.

But beyond making your building and landscape visually appealing, you also want your lighting to serve a purpose. It can make the property safer at night for visitors or tenants to walk around the grounds.

But will landscape lighting also improve security?

Here’s a look at how commercial landscape lighting will improve the security on your Atlanta property as well as where to install it to have the most impact.

How Does Landscape Lighting Increase Security?

As the sun goes down, the chance of break-ins, other mischief and even unwanted wildlife goes up. But, you can deter all of these with the proper landscape lighting.

Here are some of the main ways lighting can add security to your property:

  • Brighten potential hiding places

  • Create clear visibility to see if there is someone on the grounds

  • Provide facial recognition up to about 30 feet

  • Help keep wildlife from coming to your property

  • Prevent criminals from trespassing

Beyond the physical security benefits, landscape lighting also helps boost tenant morale. It also helps increase safety and brand the property, making it a desired location. The more comfortable you and the property’s guests feel at night, the more uncomfortable criminals and others who are up to no good will feel there.

Landscape Lighting Placement Matters

Where you install your outdoor lighting will also have an effect on how successful they are in your security efforts.

You need to make sure high-traffic spaces like entrances, patios and common areas are well lit. They need to be bright enough that people can see but not so bright that the lights blind them. And by installing landscape lighting near entrances and exits, people can’t go unnoticed when coming and going.

The perfect solution for having the right amount of illumination can be dimmable lighting. These lights have timers that control the brightness, creating a secure space from dusk until dawn. This is an efficient LED option that will also use less electricity than incandescent bulbs, so you won’t be spending a fortune to keep your property secure.

If you have security cameras, having lights (and properly pruned plants) near them will also help you better see the footage. Plus, people will be able to see you have cameras, which also ups the level of security. To make sure your security cameras will be able to capture clear shots, the lighting needs to be installed at an angle that doesn’t create glare on the lens.

Keeping Lights Maintained — Your Security Depends On It

To ensure your lighting system is operating properly for security, it needs to be maintained at least annually. But, you can request more frequent service for high-traffic areas. You will also need to make repairs throughout the year as needed.

That includes periodic system checks to make sure all of the components are working. If any of the lights have lost their brightness, they should be replaced.

You’ll also need someone to clean the fixtures, which will ensure the lights are clear and bright. The lights can move from a variety of natural factors, so they’ll need to be repositioned during maintenance checks, as well. And if any wiring has started to show, it will need to be recovered.

It’s important to maintain the lighting system because if the lights aren’t bright or working properly, your site’s security is diminished.

Find The Right Commercial Landscape Lighting Contractor In Atlanta

Each commercial property in Atlanta is different, so it’s important to talk with a commercial landscape lighting company with lighting design and installation experience. That way, you can see where to install lights for the most security coverage and peace of mind.

Creating a well-lit landscape will not only help you improve security, but it will also give tenants and guests a sense of security and comfort. Make sure you find the right company to help you achieve that.

HighGrove Partners uses quality lighting products to make commercial properties safe and secure throughout the Atlanta area. Our experienced team will work with you to create a well-lit landscape.

Call us at 678-298-0550, or contact us online to see what we can do for your property.

Last modified: April 17, 2024

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