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Everything you do as a property manager affects your tenants in some way, whether it’s related to budget, vendors, changes to your property, tenant build-outs, or even simply passing them by on the property. You’re the face of your property, and all the decisions you make reflect on you and your company.

Although you more than likely had nothing to do with the original construction or design of the property, you have to deal with whatever comes your way. We make the comment all the time in our company that “If we can get design, construction and management all on the same page we would all be MUCH better off.”

Well, that will probably never happen in the construction world. But in the landscape world there are several things that you can consider when coming up with solutions to help with tenant issues.

Landscape Enhancements Or Improvements

What Are Your Tenants’ Biggest Landscape Concerns?Avoid hiring a company that does only landscape design. Look for a company that offers the whole package, one with a proven history and understanding of your business and improving or protecting your asset’s value. To many times we have had to correct design issues that could have been worked out during the conceptual process.

Has your designer selected the right plants for the area? Do the plans address all of the day-to-day needs of the property (for example, areas that are heavily impacted by foot traffic, signage and building visibility, and property flow)?

Already hired a landscape design–only company and have their plan in hand? Meet with your existing landscape contractor to discuss the plan and how it will impact your property or landscape. If there are any changes that should be considered to the plan, make them before breaking ground.

Security And Safety Problems

Trees And Lighting

This is an issue we see every day in different capacities: Oak trees that are planted too close to light poles in parking areas, for example. Over time, these trees tend to get much taller than the lights themselves, blocking overall light cast in evening and early morning hours.

The short-term solution would be to have a complete tree assessment done on your property to address these concerns. Ideally, a long term plan to reduce your cost year to year having to deal with this on a regular basis.

Trip Hazards

Trip hazards are a constant risk, especially on older properties. Are there any issues on your property right now that could leave you open for a major lawsuit?

Those issues could include sections of sidewalks that have been raised by tree roots, uneven hardscapes, drainage issues caused by erosion that have not been corrected, low soil level on curbs where pedestrian traffic is prominent and low areas in landscaping.

HighGrove Partners offers a complete “site assessment” to target these issues first before recommending aesthetic changes to your landscaping.

Common Area Maintenance Costs


Irrigation can be a significant cost for a commercial property, but through effective water management, you can drastically reduce your water use. Simple modifications to your existing system can offer a great ROI.

HighGrove’s KnowWater program has helped many companies and properties reduce their water use by up to 70 percent.


What Are Your Tenants’ Biggest Landscape Concerns?Through a complete site assessment, HighGrove can target areas that are using more mulch than needed, such as a large slope that has a lot of pine straw.

Planting pine trees, for instance, will “self-straw” these areas and reduce the need for pine straw. In areas where pine trees are not viable, consider utilizing the proper landscape material such as turf, shrubs or ground cover to reduce overall mulch costs.

Seasonal Color

Review your budget to see if you are getting the impact you desire from your existing seasonal color.

Moving, reducing or eliminating beds can help you reduce not only your color costs but your irrigation costs as well.

General Landscape Maintenance Issues

Debris, Grass Clippings Or Dirt On Vehicles

If you have landscaping, these complaints are inevitable. Managing the expectations of the landscape is achievable. We are dealing with Mother Nature and trying to keep your property beautiful at the same time.

If there are areas where this is a regular occurrence, look at solutions to help the situation. In the case of turf near parking spaces for example, changes can be made to this area to help this issue, like changing the turf to ground cover or another better plant material.

Water Intrusion Into Building or Tenant Space

What Are Your Tenants’ Biggest Landscape Concerns?Most of the time, water making its way into a building or other tenant space is the result of simply too much rain, lack of proper sealing, or a structural issue.

However, in some cases it’s the irrigation running too long or spraying directly on the building. Your landscape maintenance contractor can make simple modifications to correct this.

In other cases, there may be a drainage issue caused by a design flaw such as negative grading. This can potentially slow the water flow down and cause it to sit at the buildings foundation too long.

HighGrove has helped many clients correct this issue with proper drainage solutions.

Aesthetic Concerns

When either trying to renew or keep current tenants happy, there are some common aesthetic concerns that can be alleviated with a solid plan.

HighGrove has landscape architects on staff that work with our Client Relations Manager team to address those concerns, whether that means updating the landscaping in the area to address the tenants concern or managing the existing material effectively to make everyone happy.

Is your current landscaping giving you the draw or curb appeal you, your tenants and their clients desire? Review this area with your landscape contractor to develop a plan to enhance the areas of concern to eliminate or reduce the complaints or criticisms.

HighGrove Can Help Address These Issues

HighGrove has a thorough understanding of the issues you deal with on a day-to-day basis with your tenants.

Our landscape experts in our Land Services division and your Client Relations Manager can help you come up with solutions to help eliminate or reduce the complaints to make everyone happy!

Call us at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form for a free consultation!

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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