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Are there intruders in your parking lot that are interfering with pedestrian and vehicle safety? We’re talking about tree branches and overgrown shrubs—limbs and brush that can block views and increase the risk of accidents on your Atlanta commercial property

Rejuvenation pruning is the solution. By removing diseased, damaged and dying limbs, you improve the condition of trees and plants, while making room for healthy new growth come spring. Rejuvenation pruning is also beneficial for “right sizing” plants that are overgrown and are crowding landscape beds and possibly spilling into parking spaces and walkways.

Unlike light pruning that takes place during the growing season to shape trees and shrubs, rejuvenation pruning involves more severe cutting back of branches. First, the oldest branches are removed—all but a stub near the ground. Young branches and stems can also be cut back, depending on the scenario.

Let’s talk about why rejuvenation pruning will benefit your property, when to do it, and what to expect from the results.

Do Your Trees And Shrubs Need Rejuvenation Pruning?

Are weak tree limbs hanging over parking spaces or walkways? Is shrub growth “trespassing” on walkways and creating an obstacle for pedestrians? Are there trees and shrubs that block signage?

We often see commercial properties with mature landscaping that branches out beyond what is aesthetically pleasing and safe. Not only do crowded landscape beds look messy and unkempt, encroaching branches can trip up visitors. Rejuvenation pruning can improve visibility and safety on your Atlanta property.

By eliminating branches that interfere with sight lines—and removing growth that is diseased, dying or dead—you’ll create a more secure and attractive environment.

Plus, you’ll increase the longevity of plants by improving their health, so you are preserving your landscape investment. (After all, maintenance like rejuvenation pruning is much less expensive than replacing plants.)

When to do Rejuvenation Pruning?

Dormant rejuvenation pruning should happen before buds appear on branches. In Georgia, dormant pruning is best done during winter in January and February—before we begin seeing warmer weather and plant growth in early spring. What we’re saying is, the time is now.

What results Can You Expect From Rejuvenation Pruning?

Aside from enhancing safety and ensuring visibility for pedestrians and drivers, rejuvenation pruning is an important aspect of total landscape maintenance.  Benefits include:

  • Thinning out branches increases air flow and light exposure, therefore improving plant health and reducing the likelihood of diseases like leaf spot.
  • Removing crossed branches can prevent wounds and damage.
  • Pruning encourages new, healthy growth.
  • Rejuvenation pruning can increase the production of flowers and fruit, enhancing the tree or shrub’s overall appearance.

Addition by Subtraction

Rejuvenation is “addition by subtraction.” While severe pruning might initially make a plant look bare, “cleaning out” through rejuvenation allows plants to focus energy on the remaining trees and leaves. This way, trees and shrubs can flourish.

A landscape professional can assess the trees and shrubs on your commercial property and determine which plants present a safety risk. Those plants are the first priority for rejuvenation running.

January and February are ideal times for rejuvenation pruning because it’s best for plants and less noticeable in winter. Let’s talk more about important maintenance tasks to take care of before the growing season is upon us.

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Last modified: December 20, 2023

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