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DSC01742Your commercial property is extremely visible during the daylight hours. Signage is easy to read. Turf glimmers with fresh morning dew. Plants are healthy and green with touches of fall blooms. In the sunlight, your property shines. 

However, you might have noticed those daylight hours do not stay for long. As evening approaches visibility isn’t as clear, and visitors are left scrambling to their cars or designated areas. 

So, how can additional hours of light help your Atlanta commercial property? For starters, it adds an extra security feature. This reassures employees and tenants that building owners and managers are thinking about their well-being.

While safety is of the utmost importance, landscape lighting is more than just a security measure on your commercial property. Here are three other ways landscape lighting enhances Atlanta businesses, retailers and other commercial spaces.

Highlight Nighttime Aesthetics

Patio-LightingThere’s nothing like the charm of a breathtaking garden or outdoor seating area with well-planned lighting installations. You’ve invested heavily in your Atlanta commercial property — why hide all that work once night falls?

Landscape lighting can take majestic trees, pathways and plantings to a whole new level of depth and interest at night, creating unique shadows and structure.

Provide A Competitive Edge

A landscape that is beautifully lit up at night attracts attention; people remember a property that draws their interest.

This sort of detail can help you stand out among your competitors, whose buildings without professionally designed landscape lighting fade into nighttime shadows.

Professional Image 

Your customers and visitors can get further affirmation of the quality your commercial business provides by the way you keep the site maintained. By not skimping on the details, you reassure your clients that you care about your own image as well as theirs.

Let Us Help You Light Up Your Nights 

Have questions about how you can gain a competitive advantage, boost your brand image and enhance safety on your commercial property with landscape lighting? Allow us to take a look at your site and provide a lighting design plan that can provide all of the above benefits and more.

Give us a call at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form and we’ll share our ideas with you.


Last modified: December 20, 2023

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