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Outdoor seating turns a landscape into a gathering space. Seating gives employees a place to take a break from work, or even meet in small groups to discuss projects. They can eat outside and enjoy nature. Outdoor spaces are proven to reduce stress and build teams. Meanwhile, seating in retail areas encourages guests to linger longer. Shoppers might have a leisure experience vs. simply running errands to buy what they need or want. (Tenants appreciate that seating could keep visitors on a retail property longer.)

Beyond seating, commercial property managers further enhance their grounds with walking trails and common areas. Seating is a good start. But by creating a complete outdoor environment with these additional landscape features, you can increase property value, attract and retain tenants, and improve your company culture.

So, how do you approach an outdoor living project that includes seating and other amenities? There are advantages to hiring a firm that can complete every aspect of your outdoor living space.

#1 Design Sense: Creating Cohesive Outdoor Living Environment

You want to improve your outdoor space by adding seating, but is that all? What about the surrounding areas? How will seating fit into the existing landscape design? These are all important questions to ask before investing in outdoor seating. Seating is just one aspect of an outdoor environment. Alone, seating simply provides a place to rest. Seating takes on a whole new purpose when placed within a patio or gathering space, or along a walking trail. This way, seats become a leisure destination within your landscape, inviting people to pause and take in the outdoors. People can actually use the space for purposes other than resting or setting down their belongings.

When you meet with a full-service landscape professional that provides design, installation and maintenance services, you can discuss opportunities to design and build a gathering space, walking trail or outdoor leisure space. Take on the project in stages. Complete phases of the project as your budget allows.


#2 Single Source Accountability: Who’s Responsible for What?

There are a number of providers that sell outdoor seating. If you need only seating, then this type of provider is a viable option. Always find out if the vendor provides installation and support.

At HighGrove Partners, we work with suppliers and serve as a single source for outdoor seating—along with installing and maintaining furniture and surroundings. The benefit of choosing a provider that can provide the product, install it and maintain it is that you have one point person if there are any issues.

#3 Maintaining the Site: Continuity Ensures Quality

Outdoor seating spaces need to be maintained just like any other aspect of your landscape. Ongoing care is important to preserve furniture from the elements and ensure its longevity. You can invest in buying outdoor seating, but if you do not maintain it you’ll wind up paying more for repairs or replacements.

Meanwhile, seating surroundings also requires care. Overgrown plants can block visibility and cause pedestrians to trip or fall. And, who wants to sit down next to unkempt landscape beds?

Maintenance is a critical aspect of an outdoor seating project. Find out if the landscape firm you hire to install seating can also maintain it. Will they provide a warranty? Professional firms that design and install projects are also committed to quality maintenance. After all, your property showcases their work, too.


Evolving Your Outdoor Seating As You Grow

A full-service landscape provider that designs, installs and maintains outdoor seating, nature trails and gathering spaces for your commercial property can improve those areas as your company evolves. You may need to add seating, or reconfigure a space to meet your needs. When you partner with a landscape professional who gets to know your company and goals, the firm can bring ideas to the table so you can make the best use of your space and budget.

Let’s talk more about how outdoor seating can benefit your commercial property. Call us any time at 678.298.0550. Or, fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

Last modified: February 2, 2017

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