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When temperatures dip below freezing, you don’t want to be caught off-guard with no plan to address slippery surfaces. Especially during winter, not being prepared means risking the safety of pedestrians, employees, customers and visitors on your commercial property. While Atlanta doesn’t get the “white stuff” like other areas of the country, we do wake up plenty of winter mornings with frost-covered lawns and slippery surfaces that are icy or wet.

Our advice: Be prepared so you can reduce slips, trips and falls. Icy and wet surfaces are a safety and liability hazard that can add up to significant cost—not to mention giving your reputation a bad rap. The good news is, with a winter plan in place, you can avoid injuries on your commercial grounds.

Now is the time to assess your property for pedestrian safety issues and other retail property landscape liabilities. Beyond addressing weather-related slip-trip-and-fall hazards, we recommend budgeting for landscape improvements that will improve walkways, driveways and other areas where there’s pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Here are four considerations we recommend that Atlanta commercial property owners put in place to optimize safety, reduce liability and enhance the overall experience of their grounds.  

Plan and Budget For Snow and Ice Events

how to reduce slips trips and fallsProblem: Typically, Atlanta sees a few inches of snow during an event, and then the temperatures warm up and melt any accumulation. The problem arises after snow melts, when the barometer drops and those wet surfaces on your commercial property freeze.

Without a plan and a partnership with a snow and ice management contractor, you could end up with serious accidents on your property. Or, it could mean closing the business until the grounds are safe for pedestrians and vehicles. (That translates to lost revenues.)

Solution: Commit to snow and ice management services early in the year so you are prepared if Mother Nature delivers snow and freezing temperatures. Look for a provider that has the equipment, manpower and weather monitoring technology to keep your property clear and safe. While serious snow events in Atlanta are few and far between, a pattern of wet weather and cold temperatures can create dangerous grounds that require ice melt products or more.

Address Overgrown Plants

Problem: Winter is an ideal time to prune plants and trees, an important task for making sure site lines are clear. Overgrown bushes can inhibit drivers’ views and create a traffic hazard. Tree branches that extend too far into walkways, roadways or parking lot spaces are another pedestrian and vehicle obstacle.

Solution: Take the opportunity while most plants are dormant to prune back brush and limbs that could cause people to trip and fall.

Fix Deteriorated and Damaged Curbs and Walkways

broken-curb-atlanta.jpegProblem: High-traffic walkways are prone to wear-and-tear, and the chips, cracks and heaved concrete areas can trip up pedestrians.

Solution: Prevent sidewalk and walkways cracks and deterioration with regular cleaning to remove sediment and debris. Keep cracks clear of weeds and leaves. Some hardscape surfaces require annual sealing to protect the surface. If damaged, be sure to make timely repairs to curbs, walkways and other pedestrian surfaces.

Improve Night Lighting

Problem: Even a flat, clean surface can be dangerous for pedestrians at night if there is poor lighting. And, some people choose to avoid dark retail areas because they do not feel safe. Proper night vision is impaired without night lighting in place.

Solution: Beyond parking lot lighting, illuminate landscaped areas and be sure there is adequate night lighting along all walkways.

Take Responsibility for Pedestrian Safety, and Avoid Liability

We act as experienced eyes and ears on the commercial properties we serve in Atlanta. Because our team knows the ins and outs of your grounds, we often identify safety hazards that you might not be aware of—and these issues are easy to fix. You can prevent slips, trips and falls because of snow, ice, overgrown shrubs, damaged walkways and poor lighting.


Let’s talk more about how to make your property a safe, sound place for the people who live, work and play there. Contact us anytime at 678.298.0550, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.


Last modified: January 5, 2017

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