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Keeping property owners and tenants happy is a full-time job in itself. And the more owners and tenants you have, the harder it is to ensure they are all satisfied.

Property owners are more concerned with occupancy rates and the financial aspects of the site, while tenants want a safe, secure and attractive property.

So, how can you please them both at the same time?

Here are three ways you can keep your property owners and tenants happy.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

One of the top concerns for property owners is their sites’ occupancy rates. And for tenants, that translates into figuring out ways to keep them pleased and in your property.

water feature

To attract (and keep) tenants on your commercial property, you need to first meet some of their basic criteria:

  • Safe and secure space
  • Well-maintained landscape and buildings
  • A wow factor

Providing a safe, secure and well-maintained space often falls on your landscaper, making it important for you to work with one who knows what they are doing.

As for a wow factor, it can be anything from a colorful entrance with potted plants or a patio space decorated with modern, comfortable furniture. You want your property to stand out from the rest and have something that sticks with tenants.

Commercial property trends are constantly evolving, so stay up to date on what tenants (and owners) expect.

Keep Them in the Loop

You don’t need to bombard owners and tenants with messages, but you need to keep an open line of communication with them.

Whether they prefer texts, emails or calls, you should keep them updated about pressing issues.


Property owners don’t want to know all of the details about the site — that’s why they hired you. But, you need to let them know if there are major updates on a project or if you need their approval on something. You can also send them monthly reports with all of the site’s stats.

The same is true for tenants. You should communicate with them about things like major renovations that may affect them or if you need access to their space.

Being proactive with your communication efforts can prevent future problems and also help owners and tenants become more comfortable reaching out to you if something comes up on their end. And if they reach out to you, make sure you respond within a reasonable timeframe.

Wow with Maintained, Sustainable Landscape

Want the complaints from owners and tenants to start rolling in? Just let the grass, shrubs and trees get overgrown and forget to replace the landscape lighting.

Your site’s landscape can either win you points or lose you tenants, so keep it well maintained year round. That includes regular maintenance services, seasonal enhancements, installing patios and other common areas, lighting walkways and keeping irrigation systems updated.

Flowers on an island

Those tasks probably aren’t in your wheelhouse, so find a commercial landscaping company that can handle all of your services in-house.

Not only is a maintained, sustainable landscape aesthetically appealing for tenants, but it will also be more efficient and require less maintenance — which will save money and make the owner happy.

To further cut maintenance and utility costs, install native plants on the site. These plants will thrive better in the Atlanta climate and be easier to maintain.

Bring on an Experienced Partner to Help

If you’re like most property managers, you’re stretched thin. So, it’s important to bring on a qualified commercial landscaping company that you don’t have to manage.

The landscape team should not only keep your property well maintained, but they should also check for potential issues with irrigation systems, plants and other features.

They should also give you a regular report on how efficient your landscape is and if there are ways to make it more sustainable.

We do all of that and more at HighGrove Partners. Located in Austell, Ga., we provide commercial landscape services throughout Fulton County and the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Contact us at 678-298-0550 or online to see how we can keep you, the property owners and tenants happy with the landscape.


Last modified: March 15, 2016

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