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So far this winter, Atlanta has seen 5 inches of snow.

Even though that doesn’t make it onto the city’s top 10 biggest snowstorms list, the Atlanta area definitely experienced a couple of more severe snow and ice events this year.

But now that February has come to an end, we are hopefully passed the threat of any further severe winter weather (cross your fingers!). Through the month of March, we’re guaranteed some consistent 50- and 60-degree highs. We survived, Atlanta!

And that only means one thing: It’s that time again. Time for commercial property managers to start thinking about adding a fresh layer of mulch to liven up their dreary landscapes and signal the imminent—and assured—arrival of spring. Because it’s coming. We promise!

And now is the time to plan. HighGrove starts putting down first rounds of mulch this month. Kick start spring — get mulching on the schedule!

pinestraw wood mulch atlanta commercial landscape


The Fastest Way To Spruce Up Your Commercial Landscape

wood mulch pinestraw atlanta commercial landscapeWant to revive your Atlanta commercial landscape in an instant? Have your landscape professional install a fresh layer of mulch in early spring.

This application—like a new coat of paint—almost instantly washes away the broken down, gray, crunchy, nearly colorless leftover mulch from last year and puts a new stamp on the property. It’s like adding décor to a room or jewelry to an outfit—it’s a finishing touch that makes the property stand out.


Mulch’s Many Benefits

Not only can mulch give a property that polished, professional look, but it also comes with a host of practical benefits that give it true staying power in the landscape.

Mulch suppresses weeds in landscape beds, keeping those blemishes at bay. Mulch also helps plants retain moisture, which can be particularly helpful during Atlanta’s hot summer months. Mulch also helps moderate soil temperature, keeping plant roots cool.

Mulch: How To Avoid Too Much Of A Good Thing

While a nice 2-inch layer of pine straw mulch provides many property perks, too much of a good thing is never a good idea.

An excess mulch layer can prevent water and nutrients from penetrating the soil to reach plant roots. Also, piling mulch up around tree trunks can promote wood rot and disease. HighGrove’s team of experts can ensure the right amount of mulch is covering your beds so your plants can thrive.


Our Mulches Of Choice: Pinestraw & Wood Mulch

There are two types of mulch we prefer to use on our clients’ commercial landscapes: pinestraw and wood mulch.

Pinestraw: This is readily available in the South. Its brownish-red color provides great color and it has many advantages in Atlanta commercial landscapes. It breaks down easily, so there is less of a tendency for it to build up into too thick of a layer, but that means its color fades quicker, so many commercial property managers prefer to do two applications of pinestraw mulch annually—one in the spring and one in the fall.

Wood mulch: This material, on the other hand, provides more varieties and colors. Even though it doesn’t decompose as fast as pinestraw, wood mulch does fade so it requires regular refreshing. Even when commercial property managers decide to install two applications of pinestraw mulch and one application of wood mulch, the cost to apply the products is very similar.


Mulch Matters!

HighGrove can help you decide on the type of mulch that’s right for your Atlanta commercial property and give you and your customers and visitors that much-needed spring jumpstart. Call us at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form to the right for a free consultation.

Call us at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form for a free consultation. 

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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