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SpringAfter the winter Atlanta has had, it’s hard not to want spring to arrive quickly.

As we’re enjoying average March daytime temperatures in the mid-60s and nighttime temperatures in the low 40s, we may finally be in the clear as far as cold snaps or snow and ice events are concerned (cross your fingers).


While this month’s weather conditions may bring slightly below average temperatures and normal rainfall for Atlanta, the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting warmer than average temperatures for April and May, as well as near-normal rainfall. So that’s some good news for what’s very near on the horizon.

Despite these mood swings Mother Nature brings at this time of year, HighGrove doesn’t wait until spring has sprung to prepare our Atlanta commercial property clients for the season. Here’s a look at what we’re doing now to take advantage of the milder weather and prepare commercial landscapes for spring.


Spring Prep Task #1: Tree Installation and Landscape Enhancements

Now is a great time to install new trees, especially larger trees, on Atlanta commercial properties. Even if the cool weather lingers, Atlanta soil never freezes, so it’s still able to be dug for large plant installations. Also, we don’t have to fight the summer heat—plants get a chance to become established before any really warm weather arrives. Additionally, a tree won’t need as much water to become rooted in early spring like it would toward summertime.


Other upgrades, such as hardscapes including patios or retaining walls, are also excellent projects to consider now while temperatures are mild and landscape professionals’ schedules are more open for immediate discussion and attention.


Spring Prep Task #2: Rejuvenation Pruning

atlanta commercial landscape pruningIntensive pruning in late winter/early spring can really give overgrown plants fresh life in the commercial landscape.


Think of rejuvenation pruning for your Atlanta commercial landscape as addition by subtraction. By removing that unruly overgrowth, these plants—roses, for instance—can focus renewed energy on their remaining branches and leaves, resulting in booming plants with more organized growth during the growing season.


Spring Prep Task #3: Pruning Dead Wood

When Atlanta experiences a winter like it has had this year, conducting a proper pre-spring inspection of the landscape is a great way for us to assess how plants are doing and address any immediate issues.


One of the most obvious problems we see this time of year is dead wood on trees or broken branches as a result of ice damage or unusual winter weather. As we assess trees on commercial properties now, we can deal with any of these immediate pruning needs, refocusing the tree on its thriving growth for spring. This process also eliminates any potential safety hazards that come with loose branches on commercial properties, removing any liability concerns.


Spring Prep Task #4: Trim Up Bermuda Turfgrass

As Bermuda turfgrass comes out of dormancy, HighGrove has also been doing a late winter/early spring mowing on these lawns, removing any unkempt pieces on top and freshening the blades, preparing them for a growth spurt as the weather continues to warm.


We’ll Help You Prep For Spring

At HighGrove, we know what it takes to get your Atlanta commercial property from winter into spring unscathed and ready to shine. Call us at 678-298-0550 or use the contact form to the right to schedule a free consultation.

Call us at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form for a free consultation. 

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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