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atlanta commercial landscape hardscape materialsAmidst the softscapes flowing on your Atlanta commercial property — from soft turf and waving ornamental grasses to colorful bursts of annuals and perennials to tall trees and flowering, fragrant shrubs — are the sturdy hardscapes that guide you from place to place on a site and create that textural dimension and variety that make an outdoor environment so interesting and visually appealing.

Hardscapes bring functionality and usefulness to a commercial property, as well as added outdoor living and entertainment spaces. They are a key part of any commercial landscape. They can come in all sorts of materials, including stone, brick, concrete and pavers.


HighGrove installs and maintains many types of hardscapes on clients’ properties, and we can help you navigate your options when it comes to hardscape planning, design, installation and maintenance.


Hardscapes’ Purpose On Commercial Properties

Hardscape surfaces like walkways and patios can provide sturdy surfaces for high-traffic areas. Without a walkway or hard surface, constant foot traffic can erode the ground to dirt or mud.

Hardscapes can also define landscape borders, direct people in a preferred route, add aesthetic appeal to the landscape with curves or bring a new texture to the space, and draw visitors into a landscape.


As a commercial property owner or manager, knowing the reasons why you want a specific hardscape can help your landscape professional determine the right materials to suit the job. If high-traffic is a priority, then we can recommend some of the harder surface paving materials like those mentioned above. Soft paving materials, such as decomposed granite, mulch or rocky pathways, are probably not a good idea when it comes to higher traffic areas.


Trending Materials For Commercial Hardscapes

atlanta commercial landscape hardscape materialsCurrently, the trend on Atlanta commercial properties is moving away from stamped concrete that is made to look like stone, brick or other natural materials.


Natural, authentic materials: Stone, brick and paver materials, are being embraced to bring an earthy feel to commercial properties.

Concrete: Concrete is still being used but is embraced in its natural form, and only enhanced by colors, such as blues, greens and yellows instead of traditional reds, browns and grays. This classic material is also being livened up with materials like marbles or gemstones to give walkways texture, color and a competitive edge.


However, when considering high-traffic areas, poured concrete may crack or its color may fade, wearing from the aggressive, repetitive foot travel. You might want to consider natural stone, brick or interlocking concrete pavers for your hardscapes that can be more easily replaced if damaged.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

A wide variety of materials are available for your Atlanta commercial hardscapes. HighGrove Partners can help you consider your priorities, preferences, budget and maintenance needs in order to determine the perfect hardscape materials for your property.

Call us at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form for a free consultation. And for more helpful landscape tips, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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