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Landscape Enhancements That Invite Retail Shoppers To Stay Longer – And Spend MoreThe busy holiday season is fast approaching. And with big box retailers and e-commerce giants as fierce competition, brick-and-mortar retail stores in Atlanta need every edge they can get to compete for consumers making their lists and checking them twice.

One way to stand out and draw retail shoppers into your store is with the right landscape enhancements. People don’t just choose stores because of their prices — they also choose because of a strong sense of place and unique characteristics—a personal touch that is intriguing and makes them want to visit and tell others to visit.

And this distinctiveness starts with the outside. Whether you’re a standalone flagship store or managing an entire retail development, here are some landscape enhancements to distinguish yourself from the competition and entice customers to stay longer — and spend more.

Be Unique And Different

A retail place that wants to stand out will embody looks and character not found in other locations. To enhance your unique qualities, think about brand colors or other features that show off your brand personality that you could use in the landscape—from seasonal flower colors and patterns to decorative hardscape elements or furnishings.

Surprise And Delight With Seasonal Shifts

To draw shoppers in, retailers need to think about the element of surprise. As the seasons change, give customers something to come and see with seasonal color transformations in the landscape. They are easy to do and provide that instant pop and pizazz right at key seasonal times when consumers are looking for the changes.

Add Vibrant Container Plantings

Landscape Enhancements That Invite Retail Shoppers To Stay Longer – And Spend MoreAnother way to enhance a retail storefront throughout the seasons is with creative container designs that change as the seasons change. Decorative containers and thoughtful approaches to planting designs can not only provide an aesthetically pleasing welcome, but also draw customers in and get them talking. You may even create container ideas customers may want to duplicate at their own homes.

Invite People To Stay Awhile With Seating

Creating a sense of place means making spots for human interaction and activity. People go where other people are, so inviting that activity throughout the day on the outside is a good way to draw people inside and increase business. People make a storefront look more vital and active — and others are naturally drawn to bustling, lively places.

Is there a space in front of your retail storefront where you can create a unique hardscape area with creative landscape plantings to invite customers to sit and stay awhile? Maybe you even have room to create a small walking path or trail.

As people come to this space and stop and chat with friends, they will admire your window displays, and this very act alone can draw them inside to browse and shop.

Keep Them Shopping Till They Drop

The holiday season will be here before we know it. If you manage an Atlanta retail storefront or larger retail property, give it a competitive edge on the outside to draw shoppers in to spend money: A few landscape enhancements might just do the trick.

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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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