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seasonal colorThe best thing about moving from one season into the next is the change of colors.

In spring, we start off with various shades of green—from bright, crisp, celery to medium, sunny, grass to deep, rich, lush evergreen. As the season progresses into summer, it begins with wonderful whites and blushing pinks to the most vibrant shades of eye-popping purple, outrageous orange and radiant red. Then autumn blends these shades into warm, earthy tones. The greens from spring and summer become as bright as the flowers were—not to mention there are fall bloomers that bring just as much rich, royal color to the picture. And then there’s a hush over the whole landscape as winter settles in with the more muted, sleepy tones of the season.

On an Atlanta commercial property, there’s nothing better than taking advantage of each and every season with color.

HighGrove Partners has planted 212,611 square feet of seasonal color in 2014 — we know how to create seasonal color that pops. And, for a handy, quick reference, check out our new infographic on the subject!

Know Your Flowers

seasonal_colorKnowing which flowers to use each season for the best color in Atlanta is step one to great commercial property aesthetics throughout the year.

When it comes to spring bulbs, the best ones for Atlanta commercial landscapes for color and even spring scents are tulips, hyacinths and daffodils.

For sunny areas, zinnias, duranta, dragon wing begonias, blue salvia and lantana are tops.

While shady areas may be tricky spaces to include as much color as sunny areas, there are some shade-loving plants that perform well in Georgia landscapes and bring great hues. These include, coleus, green leaf begonias, caladiums and New Guinea impatiens.

And as we head into fall, it’s the perfect time to talk about the best fall color plants, which are pansies, violas, ornamental kale and cabbage, as well as ornamental grasses.

Annuals Are Your Friends

Annuals have tons of benefits in the commercial landscape.

While perennials are longer lasting, annuals are longer blooming. And despite lasting for only one season, they are also relatively inexpensive to buy and plant.

Annuals also help fill empty landscape spaces or extend landscape beds. When spring bulbs have finished blooming, annuals come in handy to fill those spaces. They also bring color in containers, planters, hanging baskets and window boxes.

Annuals also give commercial property managers the chance to experiment with color, height, texture and form in their landscape.

Let Us Help You Keep You Commercial Landscape Colorful!

Not sure how to get some additional “wow” in your landscape beds? Want seasonal color that pops? It’s never too late to get excited about color in your commercial landscape. Let HighGrove Partners help you come up with a color plan that has major impact on your property, getting your tenants, customers and visitors talking.

Give us a call at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form. And if you want more great commercial landscaping tips, be sure to subscribe to the HighGrove blog! 

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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