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The last thing any property manager wants to hear is that something they need isn’t in the budget. There are several components that go into your yearly costs, and it can be easy to let some things fall between the cracks if you’re not careful.

Correctly establishing a commercial landscape budget can help you control expenses while fitting in landscape necessities throughout the year. Here are some last minute suggestions to make sure your budget is as accurate as possible for 2021. 

Mistakes To Avoid With Your Commercial Landscaping Budget

1.  Landscape Liabilities

damaged sidwalkSafety should be top of mind when creating your landscaping budget to decrease liability issues.

Include services in your budget to fix dangerous areas like uneven turf, damaged sidewalks, overgrown plants that block hidden objects and poorly lit spots on the property.

2. Overlooking Necessary Services

Sometimes we forget to include the necessary services into our budget until we are hit with a hefty fine. Services such as maintaining your detention or retention pond can come at a high price if not kept up to code while following all regulations.  

3. Material and Labor Cost Increase

Just like with everything else, you need to consider increased cost for labor, plants and other materials. If not, you can find yourself short on funds and have to pull from another line item to cover the costs. 


Reduce Budget Mistakes In 2021

You need a commercial landscaping company you can trust to give you the right plan and numbers for your property.

HighGrove will walk you through service and enhancement costs and how we can help you reach your goals — and develop an accurate budget.

Give us a call at 678-298-0550, or use our contact form to hear from one of our professionals.


Last modified: November 30, 2020

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