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Top 4 Water Management Problems And Solutions For Atlanta Commercial LandscapesThere are so many different types of commercial properties in Atlanta. From small to large to simply landscaped and elaborate, no two landscapes are alike.

We here at HighGrove Partners hear a lot of questions from our clients about water management problems on their commercial properties — and considering the statewide water issues we face, you’re certainly not alone to be concerned about water management.

With those issues in mind, let’s take a look at some common water management problems we see on commercial landscapes and some examples of ways we can solve them.

Problem: Watering Slopes Or Hills

It’s no secret that slopes and hills are challenging to water efficiently. At the bottoms of slopes or hills, it’s not uncommon to find puddling or pooling water or soggy areas, which can not only harm turf but can also encourage lawn diseases.

One solution is to use rotary nozzles that deliver water at a lower rate, allowing for sufficient soak-in time to prevent runoff.

Problem: Different Plant Varieties With Different Water Needs

Top 4 Water Management Problems And Solutions For Atlanta Commercial LandscapesFrom trees and turf to perennials and annuals, all plants require different amounts of water. Providing the same amount of water to all of these plants typically results in wasted water and drowned or unhappy plants in some areas and happier plants in others.

We can fix this problem with low-volume drip irrigation that customizes water delivery based on each plant’s individual needs. Also, making sure the irrigation system is designed with multiple independent zones allows a property manager to schedule irrigation according to each area’s watering needs.

Problem: Unusually Shaped Areas On A Property

Getting adequate water coverage on hard-to-reach areas is definitely a challenge, usually resulting in some overwatered areas and some underwatered areas.

Using special nozzles with variable arcs can deliver more precise coverage in any odd-shaped area of a commercial landscape.

Problem: Sun Exposure Variations

Even if you think you have your irrigation figured out, the sun can play a major role in determining whether a part of the landscape requires a certain level of moisture based on sun exposure. And to make matters even worse, as plants grow and change, sun exposure changes in the landscape, so irrigation needs to change as well.

Here, smarter irrigation controllers can be programmed for areas with more sun exposure, and drip irrigation, as we mentioned above, can also customize water deliver to specific areas based on sun or shade cover.

Save Money In Your Commercial Landscape Budget For Smart Irrigation Upgrades

Now is the time of year when HighGrove Partners starts shutting down irrigation systems on Atlanta commercial properties. It’s also a good time of year to think about irrigation system upgrades that can make a commercial irrigation system smarter and more efficient, using less water and saving the property money. Even small changes, like upgrading nozzles or regulating water pressure can make a huge difference. This prepares the property for a strong spring start.

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Last modified: September 23, 2021

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