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Landscape irrigation can be messy if not done properlyHow safe are your tenants? And how safe are you from a potential insurance claim? When it comes to water safety on your property, it’s in your best interest to have a commercial stormwater management plan in place. Is your plan up to date?

From uneven pavement to faulty landscape irrigation, properties tend to change on a regular basis without you even knowing it. Over time there are many factors that affect not only your property value but also the source of concerns that you may not even be aware of.

HighGrove has more than 25 years experience managing commercial landscaping on all types of properties throughout Metro Atlanta – from Class A and industrial to retail and multifamily. Where safety is concerned, we’ve seen it all and we’ve helped fix it all.

The following six points address the negative impact water can have on your property. Are they covered in your commercial stormwater management plan?

Investigate These 6 Hardscape And Water Safety Issues

In most cases, safety issues with your commercial property’s hardscaping are easily identified – from a crack in a sidewalk to sinking pavement. But in other cases, you may not even be able to see a problem that could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Storm Drain Inlets

There are many issues that can contribute to a potential risk. We have seen that in most cases this is due to improper construction or simple age of the property.

Cracks in your storm drains or inlets can be causing you a problem that you may not even be aware of. This could lead to major problems in the long run like sinkholes or, even worse, it could affect the foundation of your building.

Stormwater Runoff

Typically, these areas are easily identified. Water from heavy rains can run off hard surfaces and affect or compromise the integrity of the surface. Over time, the water can work its way underneath the hardscape and start to affect the ground supporting it.

The extent of the damage can be investigated to provide the best solution for you.

Underground Water Line Issues

Have a commercial stormwater management plan in place and avoid these issuesWhether it is your property’s landscape irrigation system or domestic lines, there could be a problem lurking just below the surface. Look for low spots in pavers or sidewalks, excessive cracks in paved areas, as well as other uneven areas on hardscape.

A thorough investigation can determine the cause, and your landscape maintenance provider can offer a solution to save you thousands of dollars in claims.

Landscape Irrigation

Unresolved issues related to broken underground water lines – we have seen this time and time again. A small hole may not seem harmful, but unaddressed leaks in your landscape irrigation could develop into irreparable damages down the line.

A complete assessment of your commercial irrigation system by an irrigation expert can help identify and repair any risks you may not be aware of.

Stormwater Runoff In Landscaped Areas

Mulch washing away, exposed roots and thinning turf are prime examples of stormwater runoff through your landscape. These seem like minor landscape issues, right?

They are — unless the runoff in your landscape is a repeat offender, causing dangerous trip hazards, weathered landscape materials and costly applications of new mulch.

Standing Water

Do you have areas on your commercial property where standing water is common? Standing water may cause algae and moss growth on grass and concrete. Due to these unexpected slick surfaces, the risk of pedestrian slip-and-fall accidents increases.

Standing water also enables insect breeding during the warmer months. Stagnant water sites are the perfect breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes.

A complete site assessment can be done to help provide a solution to eliminate this problem.

Could Your Commercial Property Use A Second Look?

It’s easy to become obsessed and worried about potential problems – especially those we don’t see. To keep your tenants safe and reduce water-related damage at your commercial property, call on HighGrove Partners. Our land services professionals have developed a reputation for providing solutions for everything outside of the building structure.

Give HighGrove Partners a call at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form to set up a meeting with our stormwater management team.

Last modified: June 3, 2021

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