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Your property can have winter blooming flowers too!From snow to sleet to ice, we all know Atlanta winters can be a bit unpredictable. Between the last day of fall and the first day of spring, an underperforming landscape at your commercial property is probably one of the last things you want to worry about.

Is it too much to ask for a landscape that’s reliable and full of colorful winter-blooming flowers? Actually, not at all. Sure, winter temperatures will reduce your choices for bold landscape color, but the important thing to remember is you still have choices – and you might be surprised by how many.

The Most Colorful Winter Blooming Flowers For Your Commercial Property

For the last 25 years, our HighGrove team of commercial landscape experts have trialed and perfected the right mix of plants to give our clients’ landscapes a boost of spring color in the middle of winter.

The following plants get our vote as the 10 best winter flowers for Atlanta-area landscapes.


Best winter flowers — pansies & violasThanks to their ability to survive downright frigid temperatures and bounce back quickly after snowfall, these winter annuals are the most popular choice for winter landscapes and containers. They are also an excellent choice in creating intricate flower bed designs during the colder months.

While available in a variety of colors, we find that pansies in shades of yellows, purples and blues perform the best this time of year. When grown without pesticides, they’re also edible.


Smaller in flower size, Pansy’s little cousin has a lot going for it. Violas are sturdy, low maintenance – no deadheading required – and can handle longer cold spells better than pansies.

Kale And Cabbage

Best Winter Flowers — kale & cabbageWith foliage boasting colors in deep purples, bright whites and bold greens, kale and cabbage are the perfect centerpiece and impossible to ignore in a winter landscape. These large plants will also add interesting and instant texture to your flower beds with minimal maintenance.

Daffodils And Tulips

Even they we know their bloom season is much shorter compared to the rest of the winter blooming flowers in this post, we like using these two bulbs in our commercial landscapes because of what they signify to Atlantans – the end of winter.

We’ll plant daffodils and tulips throughout the back quarter of flower beds. Available in a wide variety of colors, they’ll begin showing in February with plenty of pop.

Snapdragons And Dianthus

More winter blooming flowers for your propertyGreat for borders, snapdragons and dianthus are landscape thrillers and fillers, respectively. We use snaps that reach 12 inches in height, while dianthus are slightly fragrant and grow to 6-8 inches in stature. They both like cooler temperatures and mild winters but do struggle with consistency when the cold really sets in.

Winter Daphne Odora

A sweet fragrance, leathery foliage and winter blooms make this evergreen shrub and easy pick for commercial properties. This daphne’s pink buds open up to light pink flowers toward the back end of winter.


More winter blooming flowers - Daphne, Camellia and HelleboreHellebores offer winter landscapes abundant, lasting blooms that start in late winter and carry through until spring. Even after heavy snows and harsh frost, hellebores are quite resilient, bouncing back with a little dose of warm sunshine.


These flowering shrubs can handle colder temperatures (especially when sheltered) and come in an assortment of varieties and colors. Sasanqua and Japonica are the hardiest varieties, but Sasanqua is the winter bloomer of the pair.

Camellias will start to bloom in late November and continue on until March. Blooms can appear individually or in doubles and sometimes up to five inches in diameter.

Bring Spring To Your Commercial Property With Winter Blooming Flowers

Interested in bolstering your winter landscape with reliable color performance? We are ready to help you choose the best winter flowers for your commercial site. Contact Highgrove Partners at (678) 298-0550 or use the contact form to the right to schedule a free consultation.

Also, download our free infographic on seasonal color for even more seasonal color tips.

Last modified: June 1, 2021

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