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rejuvenation pruning stithcProperly pruning a plant is very similar to smartly cutting a head of hair. When bangs are hanging in one’s eyes or hair is flipping outside of the collar on the back of one’s neck, getting a proper trim brings a fresh, tidy appearance to the overall look. And, what’s more, hair is shinier and healthier and even grows stronger.

Plants respond the same way to adequate and timely pruning. Pruning, done right, aids plants in healthy, balanced growth, boosts their aesthetics and could even lengthen plant life. For these reasons, pruning might be one of the most important maintenance tasks we do on a commercial property.

Understanding why we prune plants and what pruning does to revive them gives us a great understanding of why pruning is so essential for your Atlanta commercial property.  

Why Should You Prune On Your Atlanta Commercial Property?

There are many reasons we prune trees and shrubs on Atlanta commercial properties throughout the year.

  • We prune to remove dead, damaged or diseased branches. For optimum plant health, removing these unnecessary pieces help channel energy to the thriving parts of the plant.
  • We prune to eliminate problems—for instance, crowded branches. This helps sunlight reach all areas of the plant and enables it to grow in an attractive shape.
  • We prune to increase fruit or flowers. More flower buds can form the following season if the old ones are removed at the end of the season.
  • We prune to rejuvenate old, overgrown trees and shrubs.

Rejuvenation pruning can provide all of the benefits mentioned above. And that’s where the focus is this time of year: late winter right before bud break. January and February are the optimum months for us to truly revitalize timeworn, untidy plants.

Rejuvenation Pruning: Refresh & Renew

Atlanta commercial property managers don’t have to spend additional money to replace shrubs or trees that are growing into other plants or impeding a walkway. Instead, if we conduct some proper intensive pruning on these plants, they can immediately start growing fresh, healthy shoots, giving that plant a new, more manageable look, and even boosting the flowers it produces.

We like to think of rejuvenation pruning as addition by subtraction. By taking away the scraggly overgrowth, the plant can focus its renewed energy on the remaining branches and leaves. This typically results in more orderly, thriving growth — almost like a whole new plant. The plant’s overall size is fittingly reduced, yet this extra attention enables the plant to flourish and prosper.

Despite the fact that the practice of rejuvenation pruning is greatly positive, certain plants respond better to rejuvenation pruning than others (dogwood, hydrangea, lilac and weigela, for instance).

HighGrove would be happy to look at the plants on your Atlanta commercial property and let you know if they could be enhanced and rejuvenated with a late winter pruning.

Call us at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form for a free consultation. And for more helpful landscape tips, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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