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Every commercial property is subject to inclement weather which calls for a careful response plan. Through the years we have experienced events when mother nature caused perilous challenges during the snow and ice season. 

When a snowstorm hits, the work to clear the storm winter imaeand any resulting damage can be time-consuming for commercial property managers. From the long hours keeping up with the snowfall and ice accumulation to the manpower necessary to finish the job, the work involved can be substantial. 

This is why having a plan and a trusted partner for unexpected storms is crucial for commercial property managers who want to be better prepared for the season. 


How To Prepare Your Commercial Property For Snow and Ice 

  • Implement a contingency budget for unexpected storms
  • Have a team in place that can do all of the proactive planning before the storm 
  • Inspect sidewalks for cracks that can pose problems if they become covered with ice 
  • Install handrails along stairs to keep visitors safe
  • Plan to control wet walking surfaces inside and out with appropriate mats and warning signs
  • Inspect your property after a rainfall to see where puddles form. Those areas will hold water and possibly refreeze into ice patches.


Let’s Take Action

With winter right around the corner, HighGrove knows that the chance of snow and ice hitting the Atlanta area is always lurking. 

Our snow and ice removal crews are equipped with state-of-the-art vehicles and tools to ensure your entrances, parking lots and sidewalks are cleared. And even before that, our experienced team of pedestrian-safety experts can help you identify and remedy problem areas throughout your property before an issue becomes a dangerous liability. 

Learn more about preventing slip-and-fall accidents on your property and how we can help. 


Last modified: November 11, 2020

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