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While fall may feel like the end of the growing season, it’s actually the perfect time to plan improvements and maintenance tasks for your Atlanta commercial property. This is the season of rejuvenation to your landscape to give it an extra pop for the upcoming months. 

Here are 3 essential fall maintenance tasks to prepare your commercial property for the coming months.



It’s one of the basics of any landscape. Mulch suppresses weeds, retains moisture, fights erosion, and assists in moderating soil temperature.

Applying mulch throughout your property improves aesthetic quality and reduces tedious maintenance requirements. Think of this task as adding the final touch to your overall look. Your property just isn’t complete without it. 


Planting projects on the agenda? Fall and early winter are great times to plant a tree or two on your commercial property. It’s also the key time to give your landscape one last manicure before the winter sets in. Planting during this time of the year has quite the advantages for your landscape.The cooler temperatures allow for additional moisture to your soil, therefore giving the plants an easier time to take root. 


Hardscape planning is a perfect fall/winter task that can resurrect stale property areas. They are great in bringing functionality and usefulness to a commercial property, as well as added outdoor living and entertainment spaces. 


Hardscapes can also define landscape borders, direct people in a preferred route, add aesthetic appeal to the landscape with curves, or bring a new texture to space, and draw visitors into a landscape. Sidewalks, rock formations, pavers, fountains, and stone retainer walls are all great options to get you started. 


Call in the Experts

Now is a great time to evaluate your landscape planting and plan any transplants, renovations, or new installations for your Atlanta commercial property.

Give HighGrove Partners a call at 678-298-0550 or use our simple contact form to discuss the preparations you can do now.

Last modified: March 18, 2021

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