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Atlanta commercial landscaping servicesAs the leaves turn brilliant colors this time of year, most people are thinking of budgets, holiday plans, adjusting thermostats, buying coats or breaking out the old ones. They may not be thinking of what they should be as it relates to the commercial landscaping services on their Atlanta properties.

Here are the five most important landscaping services that you should consider this time of year for your Atlanta commercial properties.

From safety to beautification, these landscaping services can have a significant impact on your Atlanta properties.

Fall/winter landscaping services #1: snow and ice events

Are you covered in case of a snow and ice event?

Most Georgia winters are very unpredictable. We have received anywhere from several inches at a time to nothing all season. So there really is no way to accurately forecast what will be needed each year.

You may recall the Snow-pocalypse of 2011. Most people were not prepared for that event. The following year, though, North Georgia did not receive any frozen precipitation.

So the big question is … Are you truly prepared for this winter? If you are a client of HighGrove, you most certainly are ready.

Fall/winter landscaping services #2: tree pruning

Do you have any liabilities of falling trees or tree limbs on your commercial properties?

When the leaves fall off a tree it is difficult to tell what could set you up for a potential liability. It is a great idea to have a complete assessment of the condition of your trees before the leaves fall to help reduce your risk.

If there is an ice event or heavy winds during winter months, this increases the potential for any tree or dead branches to fall.

Fall/winter landscaping services #3: fall planting

How can you improve or protect your properties value?

In reality, any time of year is fine to plant if you have a reputable landscape contractor maintaining your property. It is especially good to plant in fall and winter here in the Atlanta area. Selections are typically broader. Nurseries and growers have the greatest amount of plant material in spring and fall.

If you are selecting any trees in your landscape improvement they are more readily available this time of year. We recommend a site evaluation be done on your site to see how we can increase value, save money and get the best return on your investment. This will also help you with targeting budget dollars for next year.

Fall/winter landscaping services #4: deer control

Are your fall color dollars protected?

One of the most impactful things you can do to your commercial property is add seasonal color. These arrangements are vibrant, colorful, and help increase attention to key areas of the property.

However, there are still risks in spite of having a full service maintenance program done on your flowers. In the winter months the vegetation in the wooded areas around Atlanta are sparse and the deer population looks for anything they can to survive. Believe it or not, Pansies are an edible plant to humans and are used as garnishes in dishes, such as salads.

Of course you would not want to go out and start eating your pansies unless you like the taste of fertilizer. Deer and other indigenous animals in Georgia love to come to your property and have a feast in the middle of the night.

There are methods that you can use to prevent or limit damage to your investment. Deer netting is the most commonly used material.

Fall/winter landscaping services #5: winter/early-spring weed control

Do you have problems with Poa? Most property managers are not aware of this. Poa Annua is quickly becoming a nuisance to Georgia turf grasses.

Ten years ago most of us were not even thinking about this pest. Poa Annua is a type of blue grass that is similar to Fescue.

Although fescue is green in the winter, you may have noticed lighter green patches of grass that may be Poa.

There are treatments that you can apply to your turf that can help reduce your infestation of this weed. Most commercial landscape contracts do not include this service, as it is extremely difficult to forecast the need for it.

Also, there are specialized treatments that need to be done at certain times of the year. The treatments include very specialized chemicals and applications that need to be done during pre-winter months. Now is the time to do that!!

As you can see, beyond the beautiful colors of fall there is so much more you need to be aware of. HighGrove is always looking for ways to be proactive in our approach to your landscape needs.

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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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