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Atlanta commercial landscaper

With hundreds of commercial landscapers to choose from in the metro-Atlanta market, what traits do you look for to differentiate the average Atlanta commercial landscaper from the great?

Here are the top five traits to look for in your commercial landscaper.

Outstanding people

In the green industry, people are our most important asset. Having the right people in place, who are knowledgeable in their field, passionate about their industry and want to create a partnership with their clients is the recipe for success.

At HighGrove, our people are educated and trained specifically for their position. We have employees with degrees in Turf Grass Management, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. We have you covered with whatever you may need from your commercial landscaper.

Exceptional value

As with any service industry provider, an Atlanta commercial landscaper can feel like he or she is being treated as a commodity. Great, long-lasting companies know what it takes to create and maintain exceptional properties, turn a profit, and bring additional value to the client over the long term.

The old saying, “you get what you pay for” often is true in commercial landscaping. An Atlanta commercial landscaper who is consistently the cheapest in the market is unable to sustain his or her prices without lowering the quality and service.

HighGrove has been creating value for our clients for over twenty-five years by exceeding expectations, enhancing their properties, and understanding a competitive market where every visit counts.

Real customer service

Great customer service isn’t just about good communication and quality service, but also about understanding the customer and anticipating that customer’s needs.

HighGrove excels at creating a partnership with our clients. Through a team-like approach, we can further understand what is important to that individual client, their likes and dislikes, and how we can make them more successful in their industry or in the eyes of their clients.

True flexibility

In metro Atlanta, it seems something is always changing. Seasons, property owners and management, competitors, and technology are in constant motion.

A commercial landscaper who has the flexibility to keep up and adapt to these changes can be a big asset to their client.

HighGrove is ready for anything involving Mother Nature. Through snow, drought, and historical rains, we have helped our clients through it all.

Our Know Water team can handle all water management needs and HighGrove is one of the few commercial landscapers who has a fleet of snow removal trucks ready to keep properties open for business when our winter turns ugly.

Continuous training

A Successful Atlanta commercial landscaper commits time and resources to training their employees. Frequent training and assessment not only leads to better quality and service, but uncovers weak areas that can be improved upon, creating a better company and experience for the client.

HighGrove prides itself at producing highly trained employees who perform their jobs the correct way, creating beautiful landscapes and keeping everyone safe.

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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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