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tulipsSure, days are getting noticeably shorter, weather temperatures are dipping lower and lower bit by bit each day, and trees are changing into bold blends of crimson, carrot, celery and creamy gold.

Autumn is in full swing here in Atlanta. And while fall perennials bloom and deciduous trees erupt in color to steal the landscape show, commercial property managers are cleaning up their sites in preparation for winter.

But that’s no excuse to ignore the impact you can make on your commercial landscape in spring.

In fact, your commercial property can be one of the first to explode in vibrant hues in February or March if you properly plan today for a spectacular spring surprise for your tenants and their employees and visitors.

Fall Bulbs: “Spring” It On

bulbs to plant in fall

While fall is a time of closure in the landscape each year, spring is a time of rebirth—an awakening. And nothing showcases this symbol of a new seasonal cycle better than spring-blooming bulbs. They emerge from the ground as if they are being born and delight the viewer almost instantly with bright and bountiful color.

Each year, HighGrove Partners orders their landscape bulbs direct from Holland, where the best tulip varieties are grown in the area’s cool climate. Last year, we planted 147,000 bulbs! We order all our bulbs at the right time of year so that they arrive just in time for planting after looking through each container to ensure the bulbs are solid, healthy and mold-free.

Fall bulb installation is included in all of HighGrove’s seasonal color commercial contracts. While most companies will plant five percent to ten percent of a bed with bulbs, HighGrove uses fall bulbs in twenty percent to twenty-five percent of beds and plants them in solid masses or large sweeps to ensure a truly dynamic impact as temperatures begin to warm. Installations of fall bulbs begin right after Thanksgiving.

Spring Surprise, Indeed!

There are so many different types of bulbs. Because different bulb varieties require different types of light and exposure, each year some bulbs will perform better than others based on the year’s weather conditions.

Tulips and daffodils are usually solid performers and come in a variety of styles and color combinations. Others, like crocus, are shorter—only three inches tall—and don’t always bring the best impact in a commercial landscape design.

Hyacinths, another classic, were used extensively last year. However, this year they might not be as successful because of the excess wet weather and resulting susceptibility of bulb rot. Despite the best bulbs for the season, all fall bulbs can be planted relatively closely together, so the options for unique designs and layouts are unlimited.

Your Seasonal Color Guides

As experts in bulb installation and spring color, HighGrove Partners professionals can recommend the best varieties and colors for your commercial landscape.

After a long winter, there’s nothing more welcoming than a little color at the first sign of spring. Be one of the first properties to bring spring to your tenants and property employees and visitors by turning bare spots into prime real estate for bulb planting!

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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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