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important commerical landscape maintenance tasks

Commercial property managers have spent quality time this spring and summer making sure their sites display the right first impression to visitors and the best, most consistent professional image for employees and tenants throughout the sunny spring and summer months.

But summer temperatures and activities can certainly take a toll on commercial landscapes.

While most landscape tips and suggestions focus on maintenance during the growing season, fall and winter landscape maintenance is just as important if you want to have an aesthetically pleasing commercial landscape property with healthy, vibrant turf, plants, trees and hardscapes.

In fact, as another Atlanta summer winds down with temperatures beginning to cool to the high sixties or low to mid seventies, preparing these landscape elements now for the seasons ahead can help them return healthy come springtime and can also present a neat, tidy, well-tended winter landscape in the meantime.

Here are the fall’s five most important commercial landscape maintenance tasks to ensure that your property looks it’s best every season of the year.

1) Plant perennials

Fall is a great time to have your landscape professional incorporate fresh perennials into your landscape design for season-round, low-maintenance appeal—not to mention additional texture and color. These fall perennial plantings can also include ornamental grasses. Read more about why you should put planting on your fall agenda.

2) Think hardscapes

Hardscape planning is a perfect fall/winter task that can resurrect stale property areas, making them more updated and useful. From stonework to retaining walls to permeable pavers that can provide a property with a boost in LEED—or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design—points, the options are endless.

3) Lawn revival

In October, HighGrove applies pre-emergent herbicides to control winter weeds in warm-season grasses. In addition, some areas of your lawn may be battered and worn from foot traffic, as well as Mother Nature’s fluctuating temperatures and rainfall.

Fall fertilization, lawn aeration and over-seeding can give turf a needed boost, and the cooler temperatures provide the perfect palette for this renovation work.

For lawn areas that need replacement, fall is a great time for sod installation. Another way commercial property managers can get LEED points is by replacing their fescue lawns with Bermudagrass or zoysiagrass sod; both of which require less water throughout the year.

4) Tree & shrub care

Fall is not only a great time to prune and maintain trees and shrubs so dead wood is removed and they are prepared for spring, but it’s also a great time to transplant trees and shrubs, moving them to more ideal locations.

Need a new landscape bed? Fall and early winter are perfect times for the installation of new woody plant material because soil is more workable after summer’s heat compared to spring.

#5 Winter protection

Typically, while Atlanta doesn’t have the frigid cold weather and excessive snow and ice commercial properties in the North receive, the area does receive some ice storms and snowfall. HighGrove can prepare your property for these occurrences with proper pruning and by wrapping sensitive shrubs and trees with twine to prevent breakage from the weight of snow and ice.

The company can also advise commercial property managers on how to adjust their watering schedules for this time of year to ensure plants receive the right amount of moisture to carry them through the season.

Despite cooler days, remember to pay attention to your landscape during this transitional season. A little landscape TLC from HighGrove can get your property in the right shape to shine come springtime.

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Last modified: June 2, 2021

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