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pansy best fall flowering plants atlanta georgia

Nothing injects life and depth into a commercial property like a little color in the sea of greens and emeralds emanating from turf, trees, and shrubs. In fact, 95 percent of HighGrove’s metro Atlanta area clients request seasonal color.

From bulbs that burst through the soil in early spring, providing pops of pigment, to summer’s flowering plants to fall’s intense hues, Atlanta commercial property managers have many options when it comes to color.

As we feel the cooler air and the leaves begin to change color this season, it’s the perfect time to replace tired summer annuals with fresh fall flowering plants.

In fact, the two top fall flowering plants in Atlanta—pansies and violas—can exhibit so many ranges and shades of color that commercial property managers have more options than they can even imagine.


Pansies are one of fall’s favorite flowers; the reason being they come in a complete kaleidoscope of hues ranging from wistful whites to sunny yellows, outrageous oranges, and ruby reds to bashful blues and pretty purples.

There are solid-shaded pansies for full single-hue impact and others that provide beautiful blends of contrasting and complementing colors for dynamic drama and dimension.


Viola is one of the best fall flowering plants for Atlanta GeorgiaPansies can’t be the star of the fall show for long. Violas compete with pansies as season superstars.

Large flowers ranging from cool colors to hot hues that perform well in the heat and cool climates make violas hot commodities for long-lasting and bright fall color.

High-Impact Color And Design

This spring, neon flowers were popular. That continues into fall this year with neon-inspired pansies and violas.

While the color options are endless this season, some colors can outperform others in the landscape because of their response to fall’s fluctuating weather conditions. Yellows, blues, purples, and whites tend to perform the best, providing consistent and captivating color throughout fall, despite Mother Nature’s unpredictable mood swings.

Oranges and reds, on the other hand, can be under-performers once the weather gets too cool. While all the colors can work very well, especially with the landscape maintenance a company like HighGrove provides, choosing more resilient colors may give a commercial property extra oomph during a rough weather year.

Accent plants like cabbages and kales that come in vivid shades can also accompany fall flowers to add additional color and amazing texture. Ornamental grasses can be used in the same way.

Design possibilities are endless when it comes to fall color. Pansies and violas grow in a tighter fashion compared to spring or summer color, so this is a chance for commercial property managers to get creative in how they want to display their fall color.

Create A Customized Design

HighGrove has created many special looks for its Atlanta commercial properties. They’ve done everything from making company logos to life in fall flowers to creating ocean waves of different cool-colored blooms by a fountain for a bigger impact.

Let HighGrove landscape professionals give your property that extra “wow” this fall. Call us at 678-298-0550 or use the contact form to the right to schedule a free consultation.

Last modified: June 2, 2021

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